Reviews for Rebels
sondrex76 chapter 6 . 6/13/2014
I liked the story so far and also the characters, i do wonder what will happen next, will a vampire come in and they make a deal? a vampire makes her a vampire? who knows? (most likly the writer of the story)
Anyway thanks for writing and have a nice day!
Keelin N chapter 2 . 5/10/2009
This is great! You gave information without it being overwhelming or boring as is the case with some stories. This was just, I can’t really explain it... intriguing I guess best explains it. This world you’ve created is well detailed to and thought out. And I like Aliyah. She seems very self-sufficient and strong minded. It’s sort of sad but awesome that the Rebels are fighting for something they know they can never win but they aren’t stopping... interesting story.
Keelin N chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
Oh, intense first chapter :) I liked it. I was reading so fast, so intent on figuring out who she was running from and why, that I was stumbling over words. I’m looking forward to learning more about her and this group she’s and how her boyfriend became a vampire. On to the next chapter!
SOULdier3 chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
I liked it a lot (:

I'll try and read more later, but overall it was pretty intriguing.

My one critique is that some of your sentences are a bit too long in my opinion. I'd break them up with commas and into shorter more precise statements to avoid confusion and awkwardness in rhthym.

Nephilim Familiar chapter 6 . 4/21/2009
This story sounds very promising, Can't wait for what is to come :)

Sincerely Nephilim Familiar
Beautiful Pixie chapter 6 . 4/20/2009
good story.