Reviews for Unraveling
the meaning of life chapter 2 . 4/14/2009
If I were not as tired as I was now because it's early in the morning here, I would tell you my likes and dislikes and my suggestions and what not. But I'm not awake so my mind and body aren't really co-operating right now. I just wanted to say that I liked it and I'm very curious to see what you have planned for the upcoming chapters. The prologue was especially good and really opened up the scene. Like I could imagine that as like the beginning of a movie. Like have you ever seen the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Well, there's one, I forget which were Elizabeth is standing were she is suppose to get married and it was raining. Anyway, Chapter one was a bit confusing but I got some of it. I'm probably understand it more when i read more, I always do. Wow, I guess I wrote more than I thought I could! Anyways, good story and I hope to read more soon!

-The Meaning Of Life