Reviews for The Pull of Destiny
Chimel321 chapter 38 . 12/3
Aawww. I'm so glad this whole thing turned out well. I'm also Really glad that you persevered to finish the story and I'm really proud. Best of luck
Guest chapter 36 . 12/3
Oooh. Interesting
Guest chapter 35 . 12/2
Wow. Great chapter. I get were you are coming from with the weird schools in England, I live in Ireland, the only difference is the accents. You just keep throwing in curve balls, don't you? I feel like this would need a sequel. Great job tho
Ijee chapter 38 . 12/2
Thanks for sharing this heart warming story and others,look forward to more.:-D
Shivi chapter 37 . 12/1
Please do right more such beautiful stories.
Guest chapter 37 . 12/1
I love this story, it is so real pls write another story pls.
Ijee chapter 37 . 12/1
Aww,so sweet!
shinju asuka chapter 37 . 12/1
Sweetstart chapter 37 . 12/1
Oh it was a treat yo read this chapter! All the people matured. So happy for them. And finally THE QUESTION is asked. Yayyy!
Though I don't understand one thing... How did Luke be in a relationship with Seiko for 2 years if he wasn't in love with her! Also how did he move on in 3 months and pop the question?!
Sweetstart chapter 36 . 11/30
You know what, I think I should be sad for the love birds and super angry at Lucas senior. But I don't feel any such emotion. You know why, because I know you will make them meet a few years later when they have matured enough. I know that's just you. And I guess I am IN love with your writing
shinju asuka chapter 36 . 11/30
So they wouldn't see each other in the following year? :(
Can't believe this would end soon!
Lake Effect chapter 34 . 11/29
Yo I've been binge reading this for days in between work and sleep, this story is killing me! Thank god for Luke waking up holy shit dude
Ijee chapter 34 . 11/29
Aww,Luke's 1111pm wish has come true;-(.
Guest chapter 34 . 11/29
I just hope everything goes well with him. A bit depressing, but great job.
Guest chapter 33 . 11/29
I just hope
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