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PyroTech chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
It took me a while to get into it, but I'm interested enough and have heard good reports on it, so I'm going to continue reading.
Aske Nat chapter 22 . 6/29/2011
This was really good, easily the best Sci-Fi story I've read here on FP. It seems very realistic, that people would act the way they do - not that i like it, but I can see it happen. So kudos, I really enjoyed it.
Soraya Zeeva chapter 22 . 5/18/2011
I'm sad to see that the story is over, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a wonderful story. A lot of the environment you described reminded me of the Arizonian desert, which is quite a harsh environment. Tesla and the others are quite tough to have survived.
Renate chapter 22 . 4/24/2011
Very nice story. You write really well, with believable characters. I really enjoyed it. Keep it up! :D
Amelis chapter 22 . 3/26/2011
Very good story I greatly enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing this.
Jess chapter 6 . 3/16/2011
"Okay." Sean gave a quick cock of his eyebrows—a shrug of sorts. "Five plus nine."

Huh? …Oh, a test. Tesla rolled his eyes. "Fifty-nine. Give me a break. I'm not as smart as you, but five plus nine?"

Uh five plus nine is fourteen...? :P
fireflywhisperer chapter 9 . 3/3/2011
wonderful, wonderful. I'm over from the 'skow' awards. Here's to hoping you do well! tbs
AndItMovesUsAll chapter 22 . 2/2/2011
This was so so good! It had me gripped from the beginning because the idea of it was so brilliant, the fear and misery of their existance and Tesla's situation. I liked how you gradually revealed information in the beginning, it made me even more hooked. All of the characters were interesting to read about, and definately realistic for the situation, books like this are so amazing to read and slightly scary because i can see the world coming to this at some point. It must have taken you ages to come up with all the details on how people in the new world lived. Of course Tesla's story alone was enough to make me stick with his story, he'd been through so much completely alone and i loved him as a protagonist, he's so strong and you made it very easy to empathise with him. The romance aspect was great, i liked how Teslas and Coyo's relationship was gradually built up, its realistic and made it better to read, like Tesla i wasnt really sure about Coyo until near the end. The anger i felt when Tesla was kicked out was unreal, you made me completely fall in love with him and Coyo and i really went through the emotions with them.

This is a really strong contender in this seasons SKOW. :)

I noticed you said you liked writing post-apocalyptic stories and i'm now so excited to read more of your work!
Kira chapter 4 . 2/1/2011
Hi I'm really enjoying this story so far, and I loved your Violet and the Tom... But I feel the need to say that in NO stories can I stand a foreign language. It throws me out of the story, it makes me look up words, it makes me think "would that Verdad have been so hard to write in English as 'truthfully''"? It may not seem like a lot - but knowing that Pecoso (spelling?) means Freckles is IMPORTANT. It wasn't until I got around to looking up the word did I realize it was a nickname of sorts. Seeing these words unexplained really annoys me. There's nothing else for it, I believe a story in English should be kept in English. Such as with fan fiction were often the characters break out into Japanese thoughts - what he hell? Often I'll even know what they're thinking but it's disorienting. The only thing in a foreign language I tolerate is if the word is a nickname, nothing beyond that should ever be done, it messes with the tone of the story. For instance when I read whatever that word was that means "fuck" it just glazes over in my mind as meaningless, when I realize it means "fuck" it shows real emotion. People don't often go around thinking "fuck" without a heartfelt reason so knowing what it meant really caused a change in how I viewed the overall sentence. Sorry for the long rant on this but it's something that I just comprehend it what is otherwise a fantastic story.
MeyKat chapter 22 . 1/17/2011
Okay, First, this story took me all of three days to complete, I was so hooked. On the internet, stories of this length take me about a week to finish, but I just could not tear my eyes away from this. It was wonderful! I would have loved for it to be longer, but I felt it had a statifying ending. I absolutely loved the setting and the characters, Coyo the most. Do you speak spanish? I assumed so, because of the use of the language in this fic. I thought that was wonderful by the way, it really added depth to the character. I have to admit I cried alittle when Estrella died, but it was a good thing because only really powerful stories make me cry. I'm really glad I found this. Do you read TwistedHilarity's fics? She has her own site so idk if she's a memeber on here, but this story is on her recamended reading list and I really did love it. Will there ever be a sequeal? Not like a one shot, but an honest to goodness sequeal? That would make my heart shine. but if not, well, I really enjoyed this story and hope to read more from you in the future.
jshortcake chapter 22 . 12/28/2010
I read this so long ago, it seems, and I never added it to my favorites. But it is. It's one of my favorites. Gay westerns are the best, especially when they're as well written as this. Thank you so much for writing. :)
whereismyorangehoodie chapter 22 . 12/8/2010
I wasn't so sure about this story when I first started reading it, but now that I've finished it, I'm super happy that I stuck with it. It was amazing and I loved it. I'm sad that it had to end but, eh, that's how it is. Great job!
Faraway Thoughts chapter 12 . 6/10/2010
Aw I love Lilith more now. I liked this chapter. His interaction with Elaine and Lilith is endearing. The last line was super sweet of Tesla XD
Faraway Thoughts chapter 10 . 6/9/2010
Answer to your question here: hell no it's not too soon. Any later I would have dies of anticipation. As it is I felt the built up from the last masturbation scene with perfect timing. Not to soon, not to long in between; just right. But that's the thing that's just so fucking exquisite about your work, perfect pacing. Constantly building small anticipations from one trouble to the next long enough to keep me spellbound but never making me too impatient.

I've been reading this damn thing from chapter 1 since the morning! Had a few breaks, but damn I can't get enough.
Faraway Thoughts chapter 6 . 6/9/2010
Here I just want to point something out. Around the beginning of this chapter, during a flashback of Tesla's mom where she makes him promise not to forget: Prométeme, Amato. No se olvide

"No se olvide" sounds too formal for a mother speaking to a son. "Su" and "usted" is a more formal way to address someone than "tu" and "vos". Actually "vos" can be used in formalities as well, kind of doesn't matter who you use it on. Anyway I think it be better said "No te olvides" "te" coming from "tu". It's more informal, comfortable, among those in confidence. Tell you the truth here in Miami, not even strangers speak so formally to themselves, but then again half the Spanish here are bilingual and barely know how to speak properly either language (eye roll).

Considering this story's a year old I don't know if you'll bother changing little things like that that most people won't even know, but just for your info and future reference :)
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