Reviews for This Day In History
average.snarker chapter 1 . 5/20/2009
Hello, um...were you there? Were you displaced to /bloody/ suburban America because of this? Condoning torture, something I don't even do, a person directly affected by the terrorist attacks in NYC, makes no sense to me. Science says that torturing 'information' out of suspected (and I stress "suspected") terrorists does not work because what entails is so horrific that they would say anything to get them to stop.

On another note, the people who did this did it because they believed Americans to be a country full of people who torture their people. Psychology would lead us to believe that suspected terrorists would be more willing to talk if they felt a connection with their captors, not having their ideas validated when we torture them.

There is my two cents, but keep spouting on, at least you can express your opinion.

Cynically yours,

random internet person chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
this is pretty damn cold. you know, america is supposed to be better then them. we are not fighting an actual, physical, war so much as a propaganda war. torture and denial of human rights for any reason is bad propaganda. as much as osama bin laden deserves to be publicly castrated, it wont solve anything and will probably only make the problem worse.