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meppol chapter 1 . 5/6/2009
This is super :D
Arabea chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
That wasn't weird at all! That was the first thing I thought, too, was that this wasn't along the lines of what you usually wrote. But it was very good, and not at all confusing. I loved it.
Queen of Absolutely Everything chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
This was fantastic! I love all your work, and though this was different, it was still high-quality reading. The adventure is fantastic, and the plot is very well thought out. It's believable while still being fun to read. I would almost suggest that it has the makings of a novel, but I think I like it better as a one-shot. The end leaves readers wanting more, but it works. It works very well, indeed.

A pleasure as always.
Maplewing chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
I like this. It's a pretty cool time travel story, not too cliche or boring. I love Lysa's concept of time, and the situation she and Alexei are in.

The best lines:

-"Time Travel found its unlikely origins in a girls' boarding school in 2038. If you were better read, you would have known that." It's really neat to think that she technically invented the technology. :D

-"Lysa stared at her. "Toss it?" She felt her insides begin to burn with anger. Who was stupid enough to just toss plastic like that?" This is funny because we aren't that serious about recycling yet. It's nice to think of a future where people don't litter though.

-"The worst feeling in the world was being tied up while everyone else got to fight." Yes, I can imagine that. This is a great attention getter, I must say.

-"He looked a little hurt at her words, and she wondered, for one fleeting moment, if she'd misjudged him. He was so sincere, and it was true that any of the other rebels would have just offed her by now." A little foreshadowing? ;D This line is kinda sweet. I like it.

So, though this was a really long story, it's quite good. I expected it to be a chapter story, but it works better like this. Nice job. :D
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
Well, I wouldn't label time travelling as weird in sci-fi. With that being said, I do admit you did a good job in your first attempt at this genre. ;) And for some weird reason, this story reminds me of Star Wars IV, V and VI. Must be the whole rebel vs Empire stuff. :S Anyway, I think it's good to see a real humane touch here. At least it made things not as the truth like it seems. As what the Bible has said, the human heart is more deceptive than anything else. Anyway, although this story is a one-shot, but I do think that it has a certain potential in continuity here. And the whole time travel journey is just like a major wow although there are certain points of this story where I have to relook again to get the idea. Anyway, good stuff here and when are you gonna be back here again?
bringmayflowers chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
Oh my gosh!

I inspired you!

One word of "time travel" and you come up with THIS PIECE OF AWESOME! Ahh!

I loved this. I thought it was well-written and interesting and I love her name (it's from Shakespeare, you know). I thought it was a nice touch you put in the flu (especially with the hype going around). I liked how Maxine would never really forget Lysa even though she didn't exist in paperwork to them hehe. And so cute with the substitute teacher. Silly adults! I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't hoping for a little Alexsky/Lysa...AND. THEN. IT. HAPPENED. woo hoo!

I feel like Dot Cubed with her huge huge reviews.

Favorite parts: When Lysa is taped up and there's blood spewing everywhere and gun shots and then she goes into the Machine and meets Maxine. Aww. And of course the kiss between A and L. I'm a sucker for that .

Awesome job, Writ.

It's NOT weird at all. Or confusing. Sheesh. You underestimate yourself.
blak pearl chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
Ah! You finished Talia AND put up a new story so quickly! (Sorry I haven't been reviewing, but I've still been reading :D) Exciting! I like this a lot. It's very different from everything else you've written already. I thought the premise of time-travelling was really interesting, and you crafted the plot together well to give it a clean, satisfying ending. And considering how confusing time travel can be, I still managed to follow what was happening, so that was good. I also liked the idea of the Empire using a virus to get at the rebels- raises some interesting ideas. You could easily make a full-length story out of this- there's obviously so much history to the characters and their land and the ideas... you could even lengthen it into like three parts, though in some ways, it was refreshing to have such a complicated plot written with the bare minimum. On the flipside, I think squeezing this into a one-shot meant you had to sacrifice some kind of character development. Lysa and Aleksy give me the impression of being characters with valid opinions and histories, but we just never get to really sense any of that. At the end, when their relationship is revealed, I REALLY wanted to get to know more about their history (maybe that's the romantic sap in me coming out hehe) There didn't seem to be anything very defining or interesting about Lysa- and the bit about her realising her father was a 'bad man' fell a little flat/anticlimatic/unemotional. But yeah, I'd defs be interested to see more of this genre from you. I think you have a flair for detail. I find it so hard coming up with complex plots like this, so snaps to you :D I'm going to troop off to bed now, having trouble keeping my eyes open- hope this review makes sense- but yeah, can't wait to see what you write next!
gulistala chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
This is BRILLIANT! Wow, an extravagant plot successfully fit into a one-shot. Say, where did you get the inspiration for this? Melikes!

Keep up the good work, dearest!
Greenery chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
Not confusing at all. I love it. The amount of detail and action is great. There are fallacies with Time travel logic, but it's a story so I'll try not to wonder about how she went back in time to tell Aleksy where to find her the first time 'round. This stuff hurts my brain anyway. Time travel, as a real possibility, is just so confusing! However, you portray it very nicely. I think Lysa could have a little more personality. She's kind of a flat character, almost mechanical. I didn't really feel it when she was crying. But, having not read it with more personality, it might be better this way. Besides, I think the beginning where she breaks free and runs is perfect, and adding anymore characterization to Lysa there might ruin it.

Still, great work. The plot and everything is amazing. I am completely impressed! Although, I do have one tiny litter insignificant problem that really has nothing to do with the story … Lysander? Boy name, boy name, boy name! My biggest pet peeve ever. Especially when there's such a lovely feminine form — Lysandra! Lysander's one of my favorite boy names and, Written, if I didn't know your other story, I would not have continued reading upon learning the female lead is named Lysander. But I'm finicky that way. And I'm very glad I DO know your other story, because I totally enjoyed this.

Anyway, the whole mood of this story is set up very nicely. It has a slightly surreal feeling to it, which is cool. Love the title, too, btw.
alwaysautumn chapter 1 . 5/4/2009

This is great! The only problem I had with this was that it says 'completed'... WHY? ? ? ? ?

Please please please please continue this :)

I still think this story had a lot more to go!

It's not too weird, I really like it- I didn't find it confusing either. P-l-l-l-lease! I want to know more about Lysa and Aleksy! It's way to cruel ending the story like that! Does Lsya make it in time? Does she save the empire? How do they get together? ! ? !

x reeka
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