Reviews for They Raped Us
Chinagirl18 chapter 1 . 5/18/2014
Omygosh, that was beautiful. It was painful and hard to read, but beautiful. If you haven't entered this in a contest, you should, because it should at least get some recognition. Great job!
The-One-With-The-Scythe chapter 1 . 11/16/2010
That made me think. I just got really bummed out. But it was a meaningful poem. Also whoever made that retarded comment about the meaning of history. That's not what the author meant. I think the author meant it as the world being controlled by men. It wasn't literal. Yes women can rule the world but what I don't get is why everyone thinks it will change won't. It doesn't matter what your sex is. A man can be raped just as a woman can be. And a woman can start a war just like a man, as a man can be discriminated against sexually just like a woman.A man can be a pacifist, and I woman can be violent. You are all forgetting the definition of rape. Against protest. So if I guy or gal says no its rape. A grown woman or man can say no to sex and still have it. Either way its rape. Sex doesn't matter, either way the world sucks and everyone is crazy in some way.
witchcat chapter 1 . 2/28/2010
WhiteWolf, I think they actually did rape her, but the author indended it to be a more metaphoric thing than just rape. I think they [the author] means that when she tried to stand up for women and be a good example, the men pushed her down and made her feel like she was worthless. As for the history, herstory thing, I don't think that's quite acurate. The word "history" comes from the greek "historia" which means "a learning or knowing by inquiry, record, narrative." It doesn't actually mean his-story as in men. And let's face it, women aren't fit to run the world. They don't have the same aggresion and ambition as men. They're too gentle to be leaders (well most of them are...) But without women, where would men be? That's right, nowhere. Because men wouldn't even exist without women. I'm not saying that all men are *holes because they aren't. They just can't except that women are just as good as they are.
white wolf97 chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
that is so true, are you talking about the wemons rights ir civil rights, i cant tell. but it is so true for bothe of them. im sorry about the comment before me. all i have to say about that is your stupid and need reading lessons. you need to think outside of the box. its not that she was raped it that the men raped women because they were women. we werent actually raped. we were raped of our rights, because we were girls or blacks or whatever. the author tries to pount out that men are the ones that are controlling. its a mans world. im not sexist, i just want something done. if it were a womens world than there would be no wars, no fighting, no raping of course, and mabey it wouldnt be called history, it might be called ourstory. because thats what it is, our story. its the chineses, muslims, jews, white africans, latins, momens, and mens story. we all share it. and not just the peoples i listed, but every one slses. we should call it ourstory.
pokemon colosseum queen chapter 1 . 10/14/2009
not to be mean or anything but black girls wear a lot of revealing clothing maybe that's why she got raped. and not just because she was black. but some people are just racist whaydda going to do ?.