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Adrenalin chapter 10 . 12/19/2009
I found this closing chapter a little too sugary for me. While I like the fact that Timo and Serrae end up together, I'm pretty annoyed with Serrae's pigheadness. She's offered Timo on a silver plate, and with the status of an official wife this time! She loves him, despite all she can say about the contrary, and yet she keeps on refusing him. Her uncle has to treathen to kill him to elect a reaction from her. So drama queeny! (here you have to imagine me rolling my eyes)

But do not let my rant make you think that I disliked this ending. Actually, I really really liked the fact that Serrae, after all these years of living as a slave, became as foreign to her native culture as a born Athenian and that she couldn't fit in her family, to the point that Kyros has to send her back to Timo.

This was a great story, and I'm gone to read some others, so beware the reviews onslaught!

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Adrenalin chapter 9 . 12/19/2009
Oh noz! Serrae, Serrae, why art thou leaving him?

Hum, sorry.

Well, I liked the way Timo let her go at the ultimate moment. If she can't see that this is a superb proof of love, then she is a fool.

And Timo is even more of one for suggesting that Syros sell him and send the money to Serrae's family. Stupid boy and stupid hero complex. Besides, I don't think that one is very realistic. He may be a lovesick puppy and feel all the wrongs he has done to Serrae by not believing her (btw, he's really easily swayed. How come he doesn't question her story? Perhaps she was just trying to escape?), but I doubt any Athenian, a citizen and rather well-off, would voluntarily take upon slavehood. Just my opinion, but hey... Proud people, those Greeks.
Adrenalin chapter 8 . 12/19/2009
She has to love Timo at least a little if she'd rather let her freedom escape her than take the risk of having him enslaved or killed. No? That would be great. I love this couple, I can't bear to see one have no feeling for the other.

I'm disappointed she doesn't realize the reason Timo doesn't want to free her, and never will want to, is because he loves her so much. He doesn't want her to leave him, which she would undoubtedly do if he freed her, isn't it? And what a better way to keep her near him than not freeding her? A slave can't leave, after all. It is an horrible point of view in modern society, but in their time it is only logical. And besides, she's lucky enough that he lets her have so many freedom (once again, for those times).
Adrenalin chapter 7 . 12/19/2009
Ahah, Serrae being a smartass doesn't sit well with everyone apparently. But like I said in one of the previous reviews, I don't think a Greek woman, free or not, could talk like that without the men being greatly shocked. They were only used for reproduction and their household skills; the Greeks thought they had not much intelligence, which is why homosexuality was so developped - for romantic relationships where there could be some exchange of ideas, most men went to boys. So even Andorra is a very strange character. A woman, especially one that was not married, wouldn't be authorized to share a meal with the men. Respectable women were not seen in public, in fact, the only times they could go out was for the religious services.

I think the way you describe women in this piece is more similar to the Roman ways.

I'm happy Serrae got blamed for this, though. It would have been strange if she hadn't, because a slave talking back to citizens would be considered a great offence.
Adrenalin chapter 6 . 12/19/2009
Finally some hindsight about Serrae and Timo's relationship and her perception of it. I'm surprised she doesn't have a better sense of how much affection he has for her. It would be so easy for him to sleep with other slaves, or to go to a whorehouse, or to take a young adonis to share his bad, yet it seems he doesn't do any of this. For a young Athenian, it is rather unusual. I also liked to get Syros' point of view on this relationship, and to learn a bit more about Timo and his reactions to his father's mental abandonment of their family.
Adrenalin chapter 5 . 12/19/2009
Ah, Timo's getting payback for playing hero. Well deserved! But he really sounds like a petulant child in this chapter. No boy, don't worry, your toy won't disappear (yet).

Manes' little commentaries about their 'dear master' makes me laugh. I like Timo, but I can see how being a slave would make someone hate that master just because of each one's respective situation. Plus, being the slave of a young man, barely out of adolescence? Probably not a seasoned soldier's idea of fun.

I'm also very fond of Serrae and her clever ways. Yes, it's easy to get a slave, who's worked for years in a citizen's family, to pose as a citizen. He would know the ways rather well, I think :)
Adrenalin chapter 4 . 12/19/2009
Yeah for natural disasters (and not so natural bandits luring ships toward the cliffs ;) )

Your depicting of Serrae's reaction to the storm was perfect. The panic at the idea of drowning, which paralyzes her when Timo needs her help to save Syros, felt realistic and well... kinda normal. I would probably react the same!

Timo's would-be-hero attitude was fun, though it did itch me to slap him for being so stupid. I can understand Serrae's annoyance at being stuck with such an obstinate master. I also liked how Manes provoked Timo in agreeing to his plan.
Adrenalin chapter 3 . 12/19/2009
Hey, new character!

The interaction between Timo and his slaves is becoming very interesting. I particularly liked that he ended obeying Syros about buying the new slave, and that Syros' explanation proved the buying was a great idea.

I also liked that Syros is disgusted by Timo's opinion about the buying (the waste of money thing). It feels very realistic with the status of each of them (master and slave).
Adrenalin chapter 2 . 12/19/2009
I loved the way you described Serrae's personnality. It's hard to determine whether she's really not in love with Timo or if she's just trying to fool herself, but nevertheless she's gonna use him to attain her goals and that's a good change from other stories concerning slaves.

I also liked the fact that you didn't made Timo an abolitionnist, and that you described the Athenians as a rather racist kind of people (which they were, of course, like every society that used slaves).

I would only like to mention one thing: women were never considered citizens in Ancient Greece, I seem to remember. Citizen was a word employed for the men who could vote (a very little minority). Then there were the strangers (I can't remember the name they used to call them), the freed slaves, the slaves and the women and children. And women were not much more valued than slaves.
Adrenalin chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
I usually don't try reading historical fiction, because it always seems the ones I choose to read are just a sorry excuse for Harlequin's scenarios mixed up with an 'exotic' environnement. But I've gotta say yours is surprising. It is well written, and the characters are interesting. The flashback was handled well (no italics and well placed, though at first I was a bit confused about Timo's father still being alive. I hadn't realized it was a flashback.)

I like the imagery at the end, with father and daughter on each side of the Styx. It respects the mythology while still being a figure I had never read before.

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lookingwest chapter 10 . 12/18/2009
Ah craptards...okay, so that didn't work out like I thought it would for Serrae, XD, I'm sure you enjoyed reading my reactions! Since neither her nor I thought her freedom out very well, I like how it ended up because you took me off guard and gave me something that was much more realistic, I feared it at first. Again, so freakin' glad that I was born in this century-ugh, I would be so dishonorable, XD-I'd be the worst Greek wife in the world! I hate the whole 'dishonor' that surrounds women during these early period but at least for Serrae it turns out okay.

The whole thing with Serrae basically talking Timo out of killing himself while her uncle is basically waiting with his sword up in the air was really intense! I couldn't stop reading!

With this entire story my favorite thing that you did was keep Serrae and Timo's relationship original, especially because you did some interesting role reversal by making the man fawn all over the girl instead of the traditional other way around. Serrae's constant confliction with her love for Timo was a great dynamic and I thought it was creative, new, and original-because it really made me squirm!

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lookingwest chapter 9 . 12/18/2009
AHA! YES! Okay, loving this chapter for the obvious reasons. Finally, Sarrae asserts herself! I liked how Timo's kind of realized that she didn't have the same feelings for him, and for once during this entire story because of that, I felt for him. During this chapter I definitley warmed up to Timo's character more, though I think it's a little ridiculously that he suddenly feels so passionate about her just because he realized she was a free woman, that totally sucks-I feel so terrible for all the slave girls who were actually just that, slave girls.

I'm glad that Syros chimed in and kind of became the authoritative voice on what Timos could and would do-it's a good thing he deterred Timos from becoming a slave, and I liked that Syros actually became the hypothetical master of regulating Timos's emotions-that was a cool sudden role reversal.
lookingwest chapter 8 . 12/18/2009
AH! WHAT? poo. I wanted Sarrae to finally be free! I loved that scene where she was deciding between her family and Timos and Syros, it was very intense, and I liked how you went in between the qualities of each of her loved ones-it's a terrible decision to have to go through and I think you served it the right amount of respect. I did like how you drew out that tension by also having Timos finally kind of speak out and force her to make that final decision. :( Sad she went with Timo, though I hold hope that she would have felt happy either way.

I like how you portrayed Manes's freedom and how he kind of was like, "alright, done!" and Timo agreed-I think the way he left also fit his character really well and because of that I liked that he didn't look back when he left-he was very unattached to the rest of the characters so I think his leaving did him proper justice.
lookingwest chapter 7 . 12/18/2009
Ack! Ohmygosh-the baths, I mean, I know about them, every time I think of them I have to shudder. It's not the bath instelf, it's that there a bunch of dudes in there, getting all oiled up, just sitting a bath...I mean, I'm all for doing whatever your into, but it always amazes me that it wasn't tabboo at all during that period, XD. I think it would have been fun though, to be so loose about it, but I can't help but always feel the homoerotic undertones, lol.

Anyway, onto commenting on something that matters, haha...

Totally pissed at Serrae's whole situation. I wish she wasn't as slave and I love how you make me want her to be free by giving her such an awesome attitude and everything. She is by far my favorite, and I got super annoyed about that woman Andorra, but then again, I wish that Serrae didn't even care about Timo and just didn't feel jealous at all-I mean, I seriously still don't like the guy completely. There's a weird double-standard going on with him, and I hate how he treats Serrae. She definitley needs to get out of this slave situation, XD-but I liked how you did present it as a conflict, then again, I hated that Timo was all like, "oh, it's my fault"-ugh. Please!

I especially found Syros's lecture captivating and well written because it presented the real conflicts of speaking out to superiors in it and I could feel that tension that just brought me into the story. I was totally on Serrae's side and felt like I was getting lectured too!
lookingwest chapter 6 . 12/18/2009
Love the plays in this chapter with conflicting identities and also Serrae's perception of Timo, I've been waiting for that!

I liked how Syros became Timo and the group was able to deceive other citizens-mostly because I got to see some of Syros's own thoughts on his place in society verses Timo's. I like how Syros seems to have a level-head and is down to earth about Timo's place, realizing that he isn't filthy stinking rich or anything, which brings to light Serrae's character.

I actually really enjoy that Serrae doesn't love Timo like he loves her, and I'm so glad to see her perception of it when she says "he loves me like a master loves a slave" or something to that effect-I wasn't feeling completely comfortable with their relationship and I like how Serrae doesn't either, especially because he seemed within the first few chapters to nearly leave her behind to be sold instead of even freeing her-I'm kind of still not complete warmed up to Timo's character yet, but I am aware that he was brought up in his place in society and that kind of constricts how he must act and his personal views. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Serrae and Timo's relationship progresses now, especially because Syros brings it into question.
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