Reviews for 24Hours Being a Goddess of Cats
FaithMemory chapter 1 . 5/27/2009
LOL. The story is really nice :) erm... I would want to be the Goddess of Horses. LOL. It's just so weird that the people in town knew about being goddess and stuffs. LOL.

I notice something, you kind of messed up Hashi's gender LOL. Calling her a 'him' and 'her?

Also, erm.. I got confused in some parts too but anyway, I could understand them by reading them over and over.

LOL. You solved the problem to quickly... lol. XD It was like 'aha! I killed Hashi' 'Why' *read mind* 'i'll help you' 'okay bye guys!' - 'bye!' LOL solved. But anyway, it's a nice story :) And you improved well using different and deep words, so that's good.

Do write more :)