Reviews for Blood of the Wolf
autumnsprite chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
wowa, that was one hell of a bus ride! I feel torn like Jamie. Half of me wants her to give in (this part is getting bigger) while a part of me wants her to keep fighting :D I can't help but love Sirus! I can't wait for more! Thanks for the fast update
charm en route chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
Well... that was certainly the most interesting chapter yet. Hahahah.

StaNdUPtomE chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
Awesome chapter update soon!
artificial destiny chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
wow, that was.. intense.
Alyakcm chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
This is so good. I can't wait till he spills to her that it was not him who killed her pack, but the other alpha, the one who is still after her.
Sabreal chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
Ssh, I've read up to chapter 12 already but I still think this is awesome!

"Why are you so serious, Sirius?" lol, that's me enjoying a HP joke involving our very own Sirius Black. Gotta love the dude ;D
charliej chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
wow! Some update! Hot and full of emotional confusion and great description. I loved how you had so much happening all in the confines of the back of the bus. They were there - yet they weren't. It seemed they were in their own little world, yet every once in a while, you'd jerk us back to reality by mentioning the other passengers. Great Stuff

p.s. I gave you a 'shout out' with the last chapter I posted -hope it proves to be an incentive to keep you updating! chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
oh things are heating up!I love it
fuwafuwafuwari chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
Who! What a steamy chapter! Just how I like them! LOL

Thanks so much for the quick update!
midnight84118 chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
when will she lear that it wasnt him
under the milky way chapter 1 . 5/16/2010
I was recommended to read this story :) And I am so pleased I was; its fucking brilliant! Your write exceptionally well! Your really create such a vivid image with your descriptions like when she gets taken and flings herself off the bike, it's like your really there! Seriously well done! :) Proper can't wait to read the rest of it! And make sure you stick with it because it's so good!

Well done!

LoViinLUnatic chapter 7 . 5/16/2010

I absolutely love your story

Justt a quick question

When will Sirus tell that it was not him that kill her pack ?

And can you describ me the way Jamie looks ?

Midnight113 chapter 7 . 5/15/2010
This is an awesome story, I love the plot and the characters. Keep up the amazing work!
chicagobabe chapter 7 . 5/15/2010
Hey. first you tottaly made my day today, i was supprised. i loved the chapter since the very beginning! and cannot wait for the next chapters:)
AJones chapter 7 . 5/15/2010
I'm so happy you updated :)

Can't wait for the next one

- Andy Jones
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