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Shahista chapter 4 . 2/12/2016
Is there anyway where you can send me a free pdf copy of Vol 2 and 3 ?
sigea chapter 4 . 11/22/2014
Just bought Seeds on my Kindle! I cannot wait to start reading the published version of this amazing and unforgettable story!
Philippa Cooper chapter 1 . 5/22/2013
Miss C.O.S,

I am a big fan of the story of Hades and Persephone (having named my centaur tattoo after the daughter of Spring time). I adore your perspective on their personalities and their love. It's refreshing and more personable.

Please check out my story if you feel so inclined. It is called "Keeping."

Best of luck with your writing. I shall definitely be keeping track picking up a fully finished copy of the novel *heads to your facebook profile*.

P. .
soccerluver11 chapter 1 . 3/26/2013
So I was about to read it...then saw the authors note and was like."No point in reading a synopsis"
Not trying to be rude, I'm just pointing this out 'cause it sounded very good
sappyromancelvr chapter 3 . 11/12/2011
Definitely can't wait for a copy. Is this like the fp version or the aff version?

Thanks for keeping us posted! Congrats!
Cabin6girl chapter 2 . 10/18/2011
So yea i used to be weird18 or something.. I cant rememeber. Anyway i followed all thru-out ur story the whole year last year and i cant wait til it comes out in novel form. So update soon and i'll be waiting for it.
meli101 chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
Good luck :) and I might be a little late on sharing titles but I figured you probably don't want to go into the whole death or underworld or shadow or darkness or queen or spring so I was wondering you could just make it as simple as The Pomegrante Seed/s so that when it does get published you don't have it associated with vampires or anything like that and it simply stands on its own. I'm hoping to get mine published too at some point but that is a LONG ways away so I wish you the best of luck :)
scarlet chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
The vast realms of Dis could never be measured by mortals or even the gods they worshiped. It was a realm that encompassed the corporeal and incorporeal, a place with a tangible location yet a dimension all its own. This fearsome underworld had rules that even the mightiest of gods could not violate, and not one entity had ever succeeded in mapping out its infinite domains.

The Underworld was a vast, mysterious landscape that struck terror in even the bravest or wisest of souls. What they were afraid of, not even the most erudite person could describe accurately.

But if all these vague yet piercing feelings of fear, awe, respect, confusion, resistance, and even curiosity were somehow defined with words, it would be this. The realm of Dis – which was given an almost infinite amount of names – forced one, regardless of who and what they were, to shed all illusions about themselves and the world they had known. That here in Dis was the truth, and it was unconquerable.

Through the aeons that this dimension has existed, exceedingly few sentient souls managed to understand this and fully embrace it. Unlike the rest of the souls that made their way here at one point or another in their existence, these few – some called them lucky, others would refer to them as cursed – were forever bound to it, unable to escape their bond.

Such a one was to be found in the pantheon of ancient Hellas. He was worshiped as God of the Dead, Lord of the Dark Realms, the Rich One, the Hidden One, even Dreadful One. Unlike the other gods, Hades was not celebrated in worship. He did not demand festivals in his honor, only somber rites acknowledging the power he had over them, for eventually all must die and go to his realm.

Despite his dark reputation and the fear his very name evoked, the ancient Greeks could never forget him. He was elder brother to Zeus and Poseidon, and offspring to Rhea and mighty, bloodthirsty Kronos. Though Hades' youngest brother was King of the Gods, he could not have attained victory without his five siblings. Hellas became theirs.
GoddessofSprindlovesthePhantom chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
I love this story so much and I love your wrighting a lot to (forgive my spelling) and that means I bookmarked it and so when I found that all what like 56 chapters were missing I like almost had a hart attack and I went every where to find the rest I even lied to get to and it wasn't there ether,but you said it was a book somewhere and I've looked allover google to try and find it but all I got was this vampire novel! Please tell your devoted fans where to find your book! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us because I know it's not just me whose looking for it! And we all know there arnt that meney (forgive my spelling) Greek mythology novels out there so it shouldn't to hart to find and I'll need one (I think) for 8th grade this fall one that is true to the myth yet fun to read! I am sorry for my babbling but I am an avid Greek mythology (and phantom of the opera and Percy Jackson) reader on fan fiction and fiction press and I need like need more Greek mythology novels I only have like 10! And trust me reading the text book stories gets really boring after you've pacticly ( forgive my spelling ) graded your dads collage students Greek mythology work for him! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where to get your book AND if it has a new name!

Love,Berkley Rose Pearl

P.S. The 'Goddess of Spring' in my login name is my favorite Greek goddess Persephone and the 'phantom' is our beloved Phantom of the Opera
True Promise chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
You're making a nice argument for Hades. Good luck with your book!
J-Dog 123 chapter 56 . 6/13/2011
Here's another title I thought of.

Spring's Darkness


Hade's Spring

When I talk about "Spring" I mean Kora or Persephone. Since, she is the Goddess of Spring, it seemed fit.
J-Dog 123 chapter 56 . 6/13/2011
Well, first I love this story, and I have one title name. Okay...

The Dark of Spring
Mythology Person chapter 57 . 5/30/2011
OMG, this is the best story I've ever read ever since I started reading FP!

I think your other stories are as epic as this.

Mythology Person chapter 50 . 5/30/2011
Paramore's That's What You Get suddenly popped into my mind at the end of this chapter.

LOL, Persephone is so lovable. :)) In a heroine way.

And you're epic, because you actually made this FanFiction about H and P! ILOVEYOU!
TMSantos chapter 30 . 5/28/2011
I wonder what they are going to do... I Love This!
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