Reviews for Lost in the Rye
nickyO chapter 1 . 1/12/2010
I actually read the Catcher after reading the Bell Jar and so I know my reading was influenced by that, but I too thought that Holden was seriously depressed throughout the whole story. But I liked the writing and I liked how his charter had this undercurrent of quiet good-heartedness and tried to lace humor over pain.

In your story that same listless uncertainty/pain is set up well.

Other than that, the boy's gotta leave his crazy girlfriend. lol.

And since I'm an old lady prone to lecturing, whether or not the new girl becomes a "catcher" or not (she certainly did in this scene); the ulitmate goal I hope for Stephen is that he becomes his own "catcher" and then from that area of strength a "catcher" for others. Good job :) Keep writing.