Reviews for An Atheist's Conversations with God
Jirali chapter 24 . 11/5/2013
WRITE MORE! ALL HAIL THE COMEDY ZOMBIE! Now that that's over with, I really want more. So, please, for me. (Bats eyelashes)
GerardWayFTW chapter 7 . 9/13/2011
GerardWayFTW chapter 6 . 9/13/2011

God:Sup Homie, wat got you LOLing?

Me:Dude, really?

God:Just trying to connect

Me:Well you suck at it

God:Whatever, just go obsess over MCR

Me:Man, you are totally un-God-like

God:Yes, for I am the Devil!


Devil:I can't believe you didn't figure that out

GerardWayFTW chapter 5 . 9/13/2011
'God: (from above) I heard that.'

I did that once, a shitload of stuff happened and i yelled tto the sky 'FUCK THE FUCKING WORLD!' and I swear someone said 'I heard that'

Ah, Atheism has it's perks

God:*Poofs there*You shall not speak no more of these things, for I shall now BAN YOU TO HELL!

Me:Sure, but how?


Me:Okay, but dude, seriously, stop ripping off Harry Potter Parodies, even if your the Almighty God, creator of the Universe

God:I thought you didn't believe in me?

Me:Oh I don't, I'm just trying to make you feel better

God:I hate you

Me:Love you too

God:? I just said I hate you

Me:And I said I love you too, just like how I learned Spanish just to compliment women, I did it just because

God:You're a strange child...

Me:Thank you, I've heard
GerardWayFTW chapter 4 . 9/13/2011
'Me: You mean you'll get rid of them?

God: … no.

Me: WHY?

God: Because they amuse me. Plus, you've not been a particularly incredible human yourself. After all, you did all those things you talked about in chapter 3.

Me: … okay, yeah. This is why I don't worship you.

God: You'll suffer in hell for that, you know.

Me: I thought we weren't saying that word…

God: I'm god. I'll say hell whenever I feel like it.

Me: Sheesh… what crawled up your butt and died?

God: I apologize… I've had some troubles with the wife lately. It's wrong of me to take it out on you.

Me: Well, it's no biggie. Talk to you later God.

God: … no biggie? Hmmm… (poof of smoke)'

Haha, WIN!
GerardWayFTW chapter 3 . 9/13/2011
Ah how you humor me so
GerardWayFTW chapter 2 . 9/13/2011
'a two hundred year old Dick'

Lolz, I would probably ask the lord the same thing, to bad I don't believe in him and once prayed for him to go fuck himself...
GerardWayFTW chapter 1 . 9/13/2011
I'm actually Atheist so this just makes me LMFAO
no-ones-puppet chapter 24 . 8/10/2011
I think the reason that Noah's offspring didn't turn out like Noah is because of incest... Think about it. Noah and wife have some children. The children then have sex with their brothers and sisters producing more children... Welcome to the beautiful fuck up that is our earth! Lol. You got to have some variance so that we don't all become retarded... Just saying. :)
LunaoftheLight chapter 24 . 3/4/2011
This story is HILARIOUS. Thanks, comedyzombie, you just brightened my day.
greencyanide chapter 3 . 12/13/2010
Reminds me of Dogma!

Good approach, but wish you had expanded the chapters. It really looks like a joke, more than a story.
line the pieces up chapter 1 . 9/15/2010
homophobia...great start, there.

... :
Jake chapter 1 . 7/18/2010
Hm, its average. It looks like you threw this together without much thought. Hopefully gets better, keep working on it!
K.T. Tag chapter 24 . 7/14/2010
that was brilliant.

*laughs* ... unicorns...
Ibbit chapter 1 . 7/12/2010
By the way, two words: Urban Dictionary.
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