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Keenon chapter 1 . 9/8/2010
I love how genuine and real the story is. Update soon!
SibJr chapter 20 . 7/28/2010
coolio chapter. by far my favorite out of all of them. i liked the pinky promise and the pregnacy. it really makes her a solid character now, as if she cant just leave the story and never come back. and i also liked how bobby forced her to stay and keep the baby, becuz that showed, behind all of the yelling and argueing, that he does really want her to stay and that she inst just there to give him money.

I also loved the asking out scene. I mean, ITS ABOUT TIME! GOSH! :D And the pinky promise was a good addition too. But I think Red should just drop dead. Can't Jesse just go all kung-fu on his ass and make him into swiss cheese. lol... :P

And by the way, you need to update soon. The last time you updated was March 14 (yes, I checked) and you said that you would update soon at the end of your chapter, so start making some magic happen! luvz ya (nlt) :)
SibJr chapter 19 . 7/28/2010
you know, margret is a WAYWAYWAYWAYWAY nicer person than you made her sound in previous chapters. i thought she was be devilish and terrible to jess, but she is always kind and, yes, sort of seducing. maybe it was just that she would be a pain for bobby and thats why she was so horrible. also i really liked the present part where bobby gave jess his switchblade. :) oh and i know that its like the fifties and bobby is all manly, but he is REALLY mean to margret sometimes. i no thats just the character, but i was feeling sorry for her way before jess started to feel sorry for her (just for the record) ;)
SibJr chapter 18 . 7/28/2010
aww im sad that jess is leaving. but im glad that hes ready to see bobby again. bobby was one of my favorite characters and ive been waiting to see him 4ever! plus i was laughing hystarically when jess asked abe how to kiss a girl XD my exact expression. the dream was really nice too :P
SibJr chapter 17 . 7/28/2010
see i told u i would read your book! and you thought i was hopeless :P I like Abe, hes a cool dude with his puppet and bubbly attitude. I really liked when anna gave him his gift. it was a really nice gesture, and since i alredy know what happens in the next chapters since im reviewing after reading all four, i think its a very good way to plant the seed for their budding relationship
dru83 chapter 20 . 3/23/2010
Once, again nice chapter. You've got me wondering what will happen next with the switchblade. All that nice foreshadowing is getting me curious. Margaret being pregnant was a slight suprise and made for a nice bit of drama.

I saw a couple things in here that could be fixed.

Know should be known here: "I've know her for so long, and kept Red away from her, and never tried to make her mine." (the sentence is towards the begining when Jess asks Anna to go out with him.)

Here lied should be laid (also you've got present and past tenses occuring at the same time, but I'm not sure of the best way to fix this):

"I lied out on my bed, dropping my book bag on the floor and looking up at the ceiling, tracing the cracks in my ceiling with my eyes."

Anyway, I enjoyed the chapter and can't wait for the next one.
K.M.Popp chapter 20 . 3/14/2010
I laughed so hard at Gumby's responce for hitting him and im so glad they get to be together now! I like the pinky promise, although it gives this feeling like somethings going to go wrong. it could be just me though /:

I kindof felt bad for Margaret because Bobby isnt letting her do what she wants. I mean dont get me wrong, shes a witch with a capital B, but in this case i think she should have a choice. I dont know much about in 1955 (or whatever year it is) i dont know if some of those things even were around at that time...

Its so good! You better update soon!
K.M.Popp chapter 19 . 3/11/2010
Wow Margaret is annoying, way to ruin the whole brother bonding moment, even if it was a awkward one in the first place :P Her accent is easy to comprehend for me, i don't see any trouble with it.

I wouldn't be shocked that Bobby drinks, he has to deal with Margaret, any man would drink if they had to deal with her ;)

How long have they been married? If Jess was at Anna's for all of the second semester, would that make it almost a year?

I think the only thing that annoyed me the most was that they were sleeping in their parent's bedroom.

I can't wait to see what happens with the three of them living together :D
K.M.Popp chapter 18 . 3/11/2010
This chapter was so sad :'( i feel so bad for Anna.

I think everyone's afaid of dying no matter how strong they seem. Even Old Man Sayer probably had second doubts at one point before he left. It was a great conversation between Father and Jess though.

They kissed! But why Anna won't seem him leave? That part confused me a little, I might have missed something before...

I had to laugh at the conversation with Abraham :P He's got a point though, what is normal?

The dream was great, it really showed how excited he is to see his brother again and kind of mixed in fear of leaving because his dream of corn, which is my guess related to his Corn Man covers. Or I could be over looking it and you just felt like writing about corn :P

Jess is going home! Yay!

P.S. You didn't have to promote my story! But thank you for doing it :D
K.M.Popp chapter 17 . 3/11/2010
I love Abraham :D He's so happy even though he went through a lot and he never judged Jess like the others have. I also love your description of the landscape as Jess passes by on his new bike. You can really tell he loves his new bike and hanging out with Abraham and Rupert.
dru83 chapter 19 . 3/11/2010
These last three chapters have been awesome reading. I'm anxious and curious to see where the story is going to go from here. I liked Margaret's accent for the most part. It definitely adds character to her and helps me visualize her better. There were a few places you could tone it down a little, however. For example, in this line, "That littwe old piece of shit? I thwew it out. It smewled like gawbage." You spelled little "wittle" somewhere else in the chapter and I think that works better than "littwe". Also, smelled is kind of hard to work that "w" sound into and I think it's best left alone. "Beew" and "thiwsty" are other words that don't seem quite right with the "w" sound in them. I think that if you want the "w" sound in beer, you need to work it into two syllables as in beeuh, beewah, or beewuh. Those spellings all look pretty wierd though, so idk. Thirsty sounds better with an oy or oi sound in it imo,(thoysty or thoisty or even thwoisty) but those look wierd as well. So definitely leave her accent in, it greatly adds to my mental image of Margaret, it's just a little overpowering sometimes.

Also, I spotted a couple compound words (everybody and anybody)(can't remember if it was in ch. 16 or 17) that you had seperated into two words. Not a big deal, but it just looks slightly odd. Of course, if I'm nitpicking that much, it shows just how clean your work is as far as grammar and spelling. Anyway, I've really enjoyed your three new chapters and I can't wait for more.
dru83 chapter 17 . 3/10/2010
It was awesome to check my favorited stories and see that this one was updated. Just read ch. 15 and it's pretty nice, mainly because we get to meet a new and intriguing character. No spelling/grammar errors as far as I can tell. The only real error I've seen so far I realized when you said that the year was 1955. Bobby's mustang wouldn't have been built until about ten years later as the 'stang's first model year was 1964 1/2. Anyway, besides that, I've really enjoyed reading this so far and I'm looking foward to reading more.
Technolgick chapter 1 . 2/14/2010
When are you going to review? :(
ima gonna getchya chapter 15 . 1/24/2010
yay! its about time that hes going home... but i have to point out that he did, in fact call anna's house "home", and his old home as "the shack", so its gonna be really awkward going back and feeling like hes at a friends house instead of his real "home"
ima gonna getchya chapter 14 . 1/24/2010
yea! jesse showed him! but wont this just mean more of red beating him up and hunting him down? watever, i be happy for jesse and anna
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