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Kestral101 chapter 45 . 11/27/2010
So the day has finally come for Felicia to go back. I feel so sorry for her that Michael had to be so mean. Love the story as always and cant't wait to read more D
aisha001 chapter 45 . 11/26/2010
Happy birtday :) hope you get 300 reviews and a great chapter as always :)
morpeheusandmuse chapter 45 . 11/26/2010
oh at long last. gregory is so close.

:( but i'm so afraid of the children's reaction to felicia's going away. SO SAD! I DON'T WANT THEM TO RESENT HER :( :(

but ohh gregory - so close; so very close

i look forward to the next chapter
Valylene chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
Argh. You always do that! ALWAYS! You get me attached to characters through Felicia's focus, and then you rip us away. IT SUX, man, like a vacuum! Grr!

It's really interesting how you present the different situations, though. Going through different stages, figuring out different things, trying on new faces, that sort of thing. From a nobody to a somebody, a girl to a woman, an individual, loner to a person who belongs to everyone, and then being pulled away to go back to solidarity. It's pretty amazing. I'm really inspired, as always, though I'm sure we both know I won't do anything with the inspiration. XD

You've really got me itching to read the rest of this story to find out what happens between Felicia, Michael and Gregory. Not to mention the reunion with Nicholas. I really wanna read that.

My cat and I are going through a situation like that right now. I went off to a place where I won't be able to see her for weeks on end and am going back in a couple weeks, so I wonder what the reunion will be like. I miss her. /

(Probably not that epic.)

Anyway, so glad to see you updating again, and to be able to read more about Felicia's plight. Makes me happy on all kinds of inside-levels. Fuzzy warm. Maybe orange-ish in colour? Who knows.

Yearr. Happy Thanksgiving! (Thursday for me. P)

Thanks for the read!

(And HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! You're hitting the prime of your life! It's awesome!)

Happy birthday to you/

Happy birthday to you/

Happy birthday dear Wahonda/

Happy birthday to you!

(P.S. You may or may not look like a caveman with a beard and puberty breaks. Or something like that. I don't remember exactly. XP)
ShootMeStaRs chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
damn! i was so sure Felicia and Michael would be married. Hope the next update will be soon:)
Typhaegia chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
That was bittersweet, but I'm happy that Felicia is moving on. I couldn't see her being a housewife forever! I hope she makes it back to the castle, but I'm sure she'll have some adventures along the way hehee. Happy Birthday! :)
Xaari chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
I'm so attached to your story that I even had a premonition that today it was going to be updated. :D Well...I visited the story this morning just for good measure and bang, in the afternoon I get rewarded with a new chapter after lots and lots of waiting. :D I swear, this story fulfills all my fantasies exactly...except for Felicia's cynicism, but everything else is just the way I like it. Especially Prince Gregory...there are a gazillion princes in fiction but he is by far the most interesting one. No wonder even Felicia fell for him...I'm pretty sure the entire female population of your readers has too. :p If I could dream up a story, this would be it. So Happy Thanksgiving and happy early birthday! You will update lots and lots and lots right? :D

P.S. I don't think they "told the dinner over a late dinner." ;)

I feel really bad for Michael and especially the children...but thank you slowpoke royal messengers who couldn't be delayed another day! ) I am dying more than ever to read more! Oh plleaase write at the speed of lightning or as close as you can get! :D
Inbobniac chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
Of course the chapter has to end here. Of COURSE it does.

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, but I was waiting for this to happen. So... here it goes:

POOR GREGORY. Yes. I am still thinking about him. Every time the word 'ring' was mentioned, I fell into a deep depression and anything after that was pretty much a blur and day-dreaming of a reuniting of Felicia & Gregory running towards each other in a sunny field with daises everywhere. :p

POOR MICHEAL. When I first started reading this chapter, I realized Felicia was going to leave. After all the kids and Micheal had finally gotten so used to her and absolutely adoring, she had to leave. I don't even want to know how Abby is going to react when Micheal announces Felicia left. Though I can't really say I, personally, am sad she's leaving, I mean-GREGORY'S BACK INTO THE PLOT LINE. I am sad that the family will have to live without her.

Ingrid is going to have a heart attack when she finds out. :o

There was one thing I wished would've happened, though. The fake STD stuff? Yeah. The pedo guy whose name escapes me should have been way angry that he couldn't marry Penelope, and had the butcher imprisoned or something. But that's just me.

Overall, this chapter leaves me feeling sad, overjoyed, annoyed, and giddy. Well done, Wanda. You have officially made everything else this Thanksgiving become irrelevant unless it has to do with this story or pecan pie. And you know what?

. :D

But if you do not update soon, I will personally track you down and beat you within an inch of your life with a herring. And in case that isn't motivation enough, well...



P.S.- Seriously. Update.
Lustful Muse chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
Yay! An update, plus it's Thanksgiving (four day weekend baby!).

Before I start on my "actually" review, I just wanted to point out a couple things:

"We told the dinner over a late dinner." - I think this is supposed to be "news."

"My hips were thin, and I could not imagine the housing infants with ease." - you probably meant "them."

(Now onto the story...)

ARGH! I feel so sad for Michael! (T_T)

He FINALLY asks Felicia to marry him (and she says yes!), only to discover soon after that she's actually the prince's slave AND means a great deal to him. NO! (but it needed to happen).

What I'm about to say probably sounds completely sadistic but I'm hoping that Prince Gregory will come to retrieve Felicia himself. That way both men will know of the other (or more specifically, so Gregory will know of Michael and what they had). I'd like it if you drew out the angst a bit more (not that I'd want to hurt Michael any more) but because I'd really like Gregory to see (or at least have him think so, however brief) that Felicia may have moved on. I like Gregory's jealous, possessive side (because I'm a freak like that) XD

Anyways, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! The big 2-1, huh? Well have a good one!

And thanks for the update. As always, I eagerly await your next chapter (_)v
happinie93 chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
You know what I could have just kept on reviewing for another some time but that wouldn't have been fair. Awesome update by the way! I'm so sad that Felicia is going back to the palace I was hoping that she could be happy with Michael but then again she could never be truly happy because she would always be thinking about Gregory. So I'm sad and happy that she's going back. But more on the sad side. But I'm sure that what ever you have in store for the story it would be amazing!

P.S. Please update again very soon!

P.P.S. happy early birthday!
happinie93 chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
Awesome chapter! And it's me happinie93 I think that if I review one time without signing in and then another time you would be two steps closer to getting your 300 reviews!
Aylia chapter 45 . 11/25/2010
ghostly-face chapter 1 . 11/25/2010
Ah a slave fairy tale with great characterization. I had a teacher named Felcia.
Vickers chapter 44 . 11/19/2010
I'm upset I don't like micheal :( I don't like her being at that house :(
Ioga chapter 43 . 11/14/2010
(SPOILER WARNING, plot references.)

Ye gods, I just ran out of Dear Felicia! But after some digging I also noticed there's been an update in the meanwhile. Phew, I'm momentarily saved! (I never could understand date numbers where the numbers aren't ordered by importance. I was convinced the last update was 11th of June.)

You mentioned you were a bit reluctant to actually recommend a story of yours for me after I'd tried out Lost Stars, but Dear Felicia just blew me away. I've read it all up to chapter 43 in a week.

At first, I wasn't sure we'd be a good match. I groaned so awfully deeply at Felicia's "this is how the world is" ultra-pessimistic and martyric recitals of words of others. Besides that, long stories do have so much tougher competition than short ones.

But then there was a) clothing and b) horses. Now, I'm not by default drooling at the sight of either, but when your background research on these fell on my lap, the story really got into gear for me. The descriptions are awesome, I was learning new things (vocabulary and traditions and animal psychology) left and right while being entertained - a perfect story. I thought it was funny that you'd end some chapters in notes apologizing for how you go on about horses - it's exactly you showing your passion about them in the writing that set Dear Felicia apart from your random medieval story quite early. Ok, I can imagine situations where someone could go totally overboard with the passion bit, but you definitely didn't. It was just contagious; now I like horses more too.

Also, now I want to know what the cultural and visual difference between wimples and headrails is, since Wikipedia was totally unhelpful on the latter! X-)

You also take a deliciously sadistic approach to your characters. On one hand, I snigger whenever Felicia gets knocked down from her high horse of being so sure she knows how the world works. On the other hand, my jaw doesn't fail to drop whenever it seems things are settling down to goodness and BAM, you drop a feral mongoose on the card-house of happiness the characters have managed to scrape together.

I've laughed out loud at the comment about branding one of identical babies to be able to tell them apart (coming from the happy father, it was so unexpected that my stoic composure tripped on itself), and at Michael telling Felicia he has eight children (and picturing her child-abhorring jaw drop to the ground at that).

I envy you for having such wild and sustainable ideas like this when so young, and having the tenacity to work at them now that you have the training to back them up with. I think that theoretically at a long enough distance one could be able to tell from the high-level plot moves that maybe you weren't as constrained with your thinking as the average adult when setting this up. But honestly, if you hadn't said it in an author's note, I couldn't have figured it out. Suspension of disbelief working all the way. (For example Jean M. Untinen-Auel's done much "worse" - less-suspendable - stretching of semi-historical environment with her ca. stone-age lead characteress Ayla inventing pretty much everything up to bronze age as a part of her adventures. And she's been getting quite a bit of praise for her realistic depiction of life around then. X-))

I did find the occasional typo here and there, not enough to be annoying, but with the length of the story I couldn't keep them in my memory for you. Sorry about that. I could recover but one from a quick scan, at end of chapter 40: wealtheir - wealthier.

All in all, much thanks for this and please keep updating on our favourite behemoth. I simply must see how this ends!
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