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Nameless Anon chapter 15 . 5/26/2012
Near the beginning of the chapter, you said Happy instead pf Honey. I haven‘t read through the rest of the chapter yet but you may want to check over other chapters for mistakes such as this. ;)
Wings27 chapter 4 . 5/21/2012
Hooray for natural horsemanship! I use it on all of my horses and the horses I train. I was once given a gorgeous palomino gelding that had been at a few feedlots, rescues, and owners and nobody was able to ride him. He would buck or rear, and from what I was told he was generally just mean. I brought him home in a trailer (he crushed my hand in the process; now that was a magnificent bruise!) and turned him out in my pasture for a few days. By that weekend, using natural horsemanship, he gave me a mellow walk and trot under saddle. Within the week I had successfully cantered him and in the second week I had taken him on a few short trail rides. He became my lesson horse, and after 2 years I sold him to an 11 year old girl. To this day, I've seen that horse buck three times - once because his foot got caught in a wire at the entrance of a trail, and twice because of an ill-fitting saddle.

It doesn't have much to do with the story, but I thought you may be interested in that little tidbit :) It goes to show how effective natural horsemanship is. I'm loving Dear Felicia so far and can't wait to keep reading!
D-Mish chapter 57 . 1/3/2012
You had me reading this until 4.35 this morning and you end with that? I hate you but I love you. It works, the ending it does fit and it makes sense but it's utterly heartbreaking and my heart goes out to them (more so than usual for fictional characters). I might even read this story again. I hope you try to get this published and they make a movie out of it. Gosh. Can't express my gratitude to you for writing this. Beautifully heartbreaking
D-Mish chapter 45 . 1/3/2012
FYI I hate this chapter... I knew it was coming I knew it but goddamn its heartbreaking. I love Gregory but Michael had a place in my heart. You suck. I shall contine
silentsings chapter 57 . 12/26/2011
If you would just tweak the story a bit [as in fix those grammar mistakes that mostly go unnoticed] I think you should get published. Seriously, oh my goodness, I'm going to fangirl right now:


Well, it's beyond good - it's freaking amazing, I even advertised it on my Tumblr for you. o.O So, this story is like, my favorite story. My first absolute favorite story was written by an author who made the most realistic but loveable characters and the story was as long as yours. That was a year ago. Now you are my favorite.

Oy, you. I can't believe you effing killed Nicholas. He was my favorite character, curse it. I was crying when Leslie went with Michael because I did /not/ approve of that even if I loved the both of them. I grew too attached to Nicholas. Sigh. xP

In a way, I am so happy you wrote the ending the way it is. It provokes so much thinking at the end. And it's one of those stories that take me a year or more to get over it. I love your ending because it's so darn realistic and I'm so glad - soso glad - that Felicia is finally free. You provided so much explanation and insight to the harsh truth she would have to accept in order to be truly happy; and truly free and I enjoyed every single line of it. In a way, it's also a happy ending because she's been yearning for freedom since the day she's been born. So yay for Felicia; that smart, cheeky girl. I love her to bits.

And I approve of you not writing a sequel; because in my opinion, the story is already complete as it is. Perfectly complete. Like, it gives off that kind of "riding off into the sunset and everything will be alright" aura.

Let's not get started about how I felt when Felicia and Gregory talked last chapter. I was completely torn. Ugh.

I really don't want to gush about everything, because that will simply take too long so. Let met just say you are a characterization queen. HONESTLY. How do you /do/ that? I'd like some tips on creating characters, if you have time. :P

I love all of your characters. Well, not all. I called Elizabeth a b*tch, a hoe, a slut, and a whore one time because I was so mad at her. Haha. Anyway. But I mean, when you write your characters, you make the readers /feel/ the way you want them to feel you know? Like, take Elizabeth. You wanted the readers to get mad at her, I'm sure. That's,

My favorite characters would have to be Nicholas [duhhh, I fell inevitably in love], Leslie, Abby, Felicia, and Michael. 3 Felicia is truly something. She's such a strong female and I really admire her guts, being a slave and all.

So now, for some things you can improve on:

- maybe you can go through all [omg, /all/, haha] of your chapters and correct the grammar mistakes. I didn't bother to write them down, because it would make this review superr long.

- change the category from fantasy to historical. It makes much more sense.

- [my suggestion, hehe xD] make another short story on Leslie's and Nicholas's happily-ever-after. xD Or ignore this. I just ship them wayyy too hard.

And that would be it! :)

This story is so lovely. I'm glad I stumbled across it. By the way, you deserve so much more reviews. Keep writing! And I mean it: keep writing.

Have a good day.

- silentsings
Rose chapter 57 . 12/3/2011
One of the most well written works in this genre that I have read on this site in a long while.

Truly a fantastic job, and while I would have loved for a happier ending with the Price now King, I cannot say I lack understanding.

Lovely work, perhaps you might publish this? Though not as a fantasy as there is little of fantasy in this, I am sure it would be quite popular in the young adult historical genre.
The Imagination Addict chapter 53 . 11/18/2011
ive been thinking... (haha this is how you know your story was AMAZING. i cant stop thinking about it.) kings can have mistresses, right? if i were felicia, i would have rejected his offer of marriage and keep my freedom but become a mistress to keep gregory at the same time. it's not the best situation, but i feel it's the best of both worlds, ya know?
The Imagination Addict chapter 56 . 11/17/2011
ahahaha im terrible. um, one more thing i forgot to mention! your story isn't fantasy at all. no magic or anything. so why's it under the fantasy genre? O.o
The Imagination Addict chapter 55 . 11/17/2011
Oh! I forgot to write some stuff.

For your summary, by "need", do you refer to her freedom? And is "want" Gregory? Or is it the other way round? I don't quite get that particular bit.

Also, I think you should retitle it. "Dear Felicia" doesn't quite fit. Maybe something like "A Slave Girl's Sorrows"?

The Imagination Addict chapter 57 . 11/17/2011
My first thought was NOOOO! I have to say this is a very bittersweet ending. It makes me love Gregory more because he’s already suffering the loss of his father, the burden of kingship, and now he’s LETTING his love leave him. He was very selfless. But it’s partly sweet because at least she gave herself to him physically. On the other hand, although I wish Felicia stayed with him, I do admire her because it is true that she can never be his Queen and have a peaceful relationship with her subjects. She and Gregory would be torn about by the fact that no one will believe she is truly royal. There will be certain behaviours that would give her away.

When she was thinking about his offer of marriage, I really thought she eventually decided to stay though. :( cos she mentioned that he would be unhappy if she left, so ultimately, I think she was also being selfish. But I really liked the way she asked how he could demand of her to give up a freedom he himself wanted. And the way she asked if he was truly free.

Of course, the romantic in me is completely unsatisfied because I would never have left the man I love. But then, the key point here is that I cannot understand her longing for freedom because I have never been a slave. So in my head, she goes and enjoys freedom for a few years before deciding she wants to settle down and she returns. And, miraculously, Gregory is still unwed because he has been holding off marriage. xD Pity you won’t write a sequel. Ah well.

All that aside, this has been a SPLENDID read. It’s definitely among my top favourites and I’ll be adding it to the list on my profile bio. The language is fantastic and the characters are in-depth. You must be very philosophical. I can actually imagine this being a book studied or at least mentioned in Literature class. Have you considered submitting it for publishing? I really think you should. :)
The Imagination Addict chapter 33 . 11/17/2011
whoa. okay, i did NOT see this coming. i totally didnt expect that she'd be captured to be sold to her next owner! O.o n who knew the princess was a spy!
The Imagination Addict chapter 29 . 11/17/2011
i kinda predicted lord henry would be the one to pass away, cos if it were his wife who had, felicia would not be sold to another owner. but i definitely did not see nick's death coming. :( there's so much tragedy in this story!
The Imagination Addict chapter 19 . 11/16/2011
wow, i think this is one of my fave chapters. princess elizabeth is quite the character.
The Imagination Addict chapter 3 . 11/16/2011
i think what fascinates me most about felicia is her unique character. she's highly intelligent, yet she's very subservient.
Enoden chapter 57 . 9/30/2011
Holy hell. I almost cried.

Okay, first off, I read this story in two sittings. Well, not just read - devoured it, more like. :)

Second, I'm a seventeen year old boy. I don't cry during books or movies (it'd wreck my cred! xD). So, yeah.

But... wow.

Congratulations on writing a masterpiece. Seriously. This is a masterful (should I say mistressful?) novel. Oof. I'm still shell-shocked. Yikes.

Okay, umm, I guess this review isn't going to have any suggestions or anything other than "well done" repeated over and over and over again. Sorry. But this was awesome.

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