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Aylia chapter 57 . 8/2/2011

I did and I didn't expect that!

I'm soooo sad this story his over!

it was extremealywell written!

I'll check out some of your other stories soon
lionesscouer chapter 57 . 8/1/2011
Thank you for an absolutely amazing, wonderful, superb story. This is by far the best one I've ever read and I've been sometimes impatient waiting for the next chapter, but always worth the wait. I'm so sad that this is ending as I'm sitting here wiping stupid tears that won't stop. I think that as much as I wish there would've been a happily ever after between Felicia and Gregory, the ending was just as I imagined it would be and I think fitting.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/1/2011
I only just stumbled up on this gem of a story two days ago. I've read it as often as I can since then, and finished it not two minutes ago.

The story is compelling, original and so full of twists and turns that I was never bored, despite reading for hours on end. I'd like to say I'd wish for a happy ending because, let's face it, we all want Felicia and Gregory to be happy. In a way, it was happy, but in another way - Felicia finally got her wish, and is where she longs to be. It's so sad, yet strangely fulfilling at the same time... An odd feeling indeed.

I pretty much fell in love with all these characters in such a short time, you did such a good job at building them up. It never felt like lots of information was lumped onto me at once - we gradually got to know and love them, and that is so important. You got it down to a 'T'!

...Michael is so cute. I'm glad everything worked out okay for him in the end.

I really hope you keep writing stuff like this, it really was wonderful to read! I would leave a signed review if I could, but alas. My writing was never meant for the public eye i.e. it's needs some polishing, so I didn't really think I needed and account... But just know that you have one more supporter than you thought you did :)
Inbobniac chapter 57 . 7/31/2011

After I finished Four Kingdoms, I knew it would end this way. I knew it, yet was never really able to accept it. I will forever toy with the idea of Felicia having her adventures and returning to Gregory, who will have established a Democracy/ found an illegitimate son of his father who was fit to rule the kingdom, and the two will either elope into some picturesque sunset or revolutionize government and become the golden years of their kingdom.

But, alas, this is where you leave us. I won't write a sequel, because it wouldn't do Dear Felicia justice. I know that Gregory, as non-existent as he is, will forever mourn Felicia's departure. He will get married, have the babies, grow old, pass on, and always remember her. And Felicia will travel the world alone but with no limitations, thinking of Gregory, not getting married or ever having the babies. I can only hope they run into each other in the BINGO hall and Felicia will have had her fill of adventure by then, and Gregory will have at least seventeen pretty-boy heirs and I will have "accidentally" slipped rat poison and a pinch of cyanide into her morning coffee.

It's weird knowing there will be no more updates from Dear Felicia, because I've been reading it for so long. At least two years, I believe. Just know that even if I'd hoped for a different ending, I enjoyed the trials of Felicia's life in a way that is considered sadistic. I'll remember all the characters you so wonderfully crafted and the plot that had me compulsively checking my e-mail in a way similar to people who blink.

So, thank you, Wanda. For creating this entire world I love and will mourn. I hope to see Lost Stars begin again, so that I can continue enjoying your shared imagination.

Thank you,

Angelxoxo13 chapter 57 . 7/31/2011
Waaaa~ *crying* :'( I hate hate hate hate you :'( Waaaa. Waaaa :'( i hate you!
Spirit of the Shrine chapter 57 . 7/30/2011
A very sweet ending! I'm sad that she doesn't stay with her love, but I'm more than thrilled that Felicia found the one thing she has longed for - Freedom. And writing a second to this would be hard, I bet. This is a long story - and I like the way this worked out! Where did you learned the cultural of the kings and queens of old? Good Writing, friend.
Lucky Fox chapter 57 . 7/30/2011
I loved it... the ending is just splendid, and I don't think it could have been done better than how you wrote it. The whole scene with Gregory made me tear up, I feel bad for him, but really happy for Felicia. She has to be one of my favorite female protagonists... ever.

YAY. :)

Anyways, I've enjoyed this story immensely, I'm sorry to see it end, but I'll be watching for other updates! - LF
layla chapter 57 . 7/30/2011
You r so mean! Is there any story written by u that has a happy ending?

Yes, this ending was depressing but i still love this story. Congrats on finally finishing it!
XThexDeviotX chapter 57 . 7/30/2011
I just died. The internet reception here in the afterlife is superb, though. Fantastic story, wonderully written and no cheese. It's been a great journey from beginning to end reading Dear Felicia. You did a great job, I hope you publish this!
vaniittyy222 chapter 57 . 7/30/2011
Bitter sweet ending for me, i finally get my answer after begging for it and she leaves. Poor gregory but yay felicia. I just wish she said to give her a year on the road and then she would come back with a definite answer then at least in my mind i can say that after she experienced the world like she always wanted but then finally chose love. The other thing in her life that she had always missed
Millie1235 chapter 57 . 7/30/2011
I can hardly believe it is over. I have been following this story for more than a year and now it is over. I am very much going to miss it. And although I would have liked a happily ever after for Felicia and Gregory, I understand that this was probably the only possible ending.

I want to congratulate you on the finishing of your story and tell you that you are an amazing author. Don't ever stop writing, you are too talented!

deltaphi chapter 57 . 7/29/2011

No words can fully describe how heart-breaking yet beautiful that ending was. It moved me so much that I couldn't help but cry.

Wow, 57 chapters of amazing writing has finally come to an end. It has truly been a pleasure to experience this wonderful story and I thank you for posting this masterpiece. Your sheer talent never ceases to shine through and I wish you best of luck for your future endeavours.

*off to reread the last few chapters again* I can't get enough of it.

- Twinklegal19

P.S. Is there any chance we can read the letter Felicia sent behind? I'm too stubborn to let this story go so soon...
Scarlettino chapter 57 . 7/29/2011
Beautiful ending to a very touching and poignant story!

I feel like this is better than a lot of the recent YA literature out there, haha. The characters were so well-developed and really made you feel and care about what happened to them.

I thought Felicia made a choice that stayed true to her character, although man, I felt so awful for Gregory!

If you plan to go further with this story, I'd still suggest foreshadowing the tension between countries more and the divide between the king and the military. As a reader, I still wasn't able to buy the authenticity of the royal family being so in the dark about it all, unless it's really established from the beginning.

But the book's strength, its characters, the prose, and Felicia's voice, were so strong. This is a really rare and delightful read! Best of luck to you on all your writing ventures in the future!
Valylene chapter 57 . 7/29/2011
Dammit, I KNEW this was the last chapter. I just KNEW it. I opened my inbox, saw the update and was like, "That's it. This is the end." DXDX

You are a cruel lady, Wanda! CRUEL. This is practically on level with animal cruelty.

But seriously, very well done. I really enjoyed the entire story, from the beginning to the very end, and am sure I'm going to be back to read it again in the future. Probably several times. Ah, what a good story.

I love the ending. I think it fits it very well. I wouldn't change it for the world, even if it meant Felicia and Gregory getting a happy ending. It has an unrefined quality to it. One you don't really see often, it feels like. I can see this as a movie right now, especially vividly. It's beautiful.

Do you have any other new projects planned, or is this it for now?

Anyway, a HUGE thank you for the read, and the consistent updating and the thought and conversation behind all of this, I really appreciate it. )
Tani chapter 57 . 7/29/2011
A beautiful, bittersweet ending. In fact, its that same fantasy-like, slightly nostalgic tone laced with Felicia's strong, logical personality that attracted me to this story. I loved how your story is so realistic, yet sweet and romantic- it allows readers to enjoy fiction while being able to relate to Felicia.

Thank you so much!
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