Reviews for WATCH
IdeasInTheAir chapter 1 . 6/7/2009
Oh, a riddle! Kind of! Well, after much thinking I have come up with the following:

The last line 'Here. In plain sight.' is chopped away from the right in the line above (hope that made sense) because it's the answer to the first question, which is 'Where's the best place to hide something?'. Possibly.



Nope, I haven't got anything else. I'm running low on sleep. But that's okay, because this was pretty sweet, and kind of intense. Kind of frightening. Kind of makes me want to look over my shoulder and make sure no-one scary is there (besides my dear sister, love her muchly, of course.)

Anywho, I do hope you continue this, because it was very interesting and there are about five kajillion things you could do with this and I'm very excited to see what one you do choose, if you do choose to do it, which I hope you do, because that would be awesome. Do.

Yeeah. That's pretty much it do. I enjoyed it. Greatly. :)

Five kajillion do's of smiles!