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Guest chapter 25 . 5/31
... this so far is the hottest slash story i've read in my life!

i really enjoy Breckens cruel thoughts and actions like this one: "ugh, he just looked fucking great underneath me like that; breaking to shameless pieces." SQUEEEEE

Gavin really loves all of it and so it makes it easy for me too. these 2 are amazing together. i can't wait to read more!
Guest chapter 12 . 5/30
that was SO hot.
Keichaos chapter 42 . 5/30
Well, The Show III shows consistent development and entertainment than the previous chapters, which is very good. We see a unique dialogue and confessions that we've been waiting for the last several chapters.

Calico, I think you're channeling some Nancy Meyers aura when you typed in Brecken's confession... or something like Meyers' dark side or something. Hahaha! It's really nice, a slice of classic movie rom-com confession, and then adding your own twist of the scene with your brilliant smut and tease. :))

Emotionally, I think I'm a little irked by Gavin's admittance of defeat to Brecken but then I think about it - he probably wants Brecken as much as Brecken wants him. It was a duel of wills, and Gavin just wasn't strong enough. I kinda hate/love him for being that way but this story is about the two of them, their toxic relationship, and tuning in if indeed they have the capacity to be happy.
ForeverWasteAway chapter 42 . 5/30
Ahhhhhh I'm so stoked you're back! Thank you for not abandoning this story! I gotta say I hope Gavin and Brecken end up together but I'm scared that they won't. I've sort of stopped reading stories and mostly read Sterek fiction on AO3, and people over there are A LOT more politically correct. I can't see Brecken and Gavin's relationship flying with a lot of AO3 authors I know. So since I'm so used to any hint of a toxic relationship being immediately stomped out, im expecting Brecken and Gavin to never end up together, and your last authors note being like "NOTE TO READERS: NEVER STAY WITH AN ABUSIVE PRICK LIKE BRECKEN". Which, in real life I wouldn't encourage Gavin to take Brecken back because he's definitely too controlling and sort of abusive, but this is fiction so I have no problem being like "wooooo B&G 4eva!" I know you probably don't want to give away spoilers, but do you think I'll be happy with the ending?

Also I just read through your comments to see if people were opposed to the relationship etc... And you get some weird comments about poop o_O
JBFanatic chapter 42 . 5/30
LOL Right? I won't make you break up with Cole...oh but wait, break up with him right now so I can have you lol. And Brecken is such a caveman. Drag Gavin off by his hair and lock him away? Neanderthal lol. And my favorite line ever: "Shit, the bastard had turned me gay and wouldn't take me back..." lol I just love how Gavin throws him out of whack.

But it's clear that he has changed, and that's great. I love that he doesn't fly off the handle at the drop of a dime anymore. I like the keeping-his-cool Brecken that has to count to 10. It's a nice change.
2cute4ya14 chapter 42 . 5/30
Omg! YES! I've been waiting FOREVER for them to have sex! I hope bracken shows how much he loves Gavin when they finally have sex! It killed me when they broke up and it pissed me off when Gavin was dating cole and then BAM! I find out Cole and Brecken start talking and I'm like NOOOOOOO get away from him! Gavin is Brecken's! NOBODY ELSE! Oh please update immediately! You can't post 41 and 42 and then leave us horny chicks to only get dry humping! Omg I please I wanna read the next chapter! PLEASE! I was like driving and reading cuz I was so anxious for the update! Lol
Collins-A chapter 42 . 5/29

Just had a violently happy mini episode just now, I'm so happpyyy! Brecken will always be Brecken with his controlling ways, and Gavin is still such a bottom, haha. Love this story so much
Fryvi chapter 42 . 5/29
Aww, poor Cole, but I guess he did have an inkling deep inside.. happy Gavin took him back though :D
Roger Jay chapter 42 . 5/29
I think I found it.

Gavin wanted reaasurance kind of like, "You gotta prove it to me that I'm doing the right thing of giving you another chance." Yeah, boy.

I think I got this, and yes, I'm doing this because I feel pressured to do so after your brief comment about me being able to see the character's motives or something like that. I HAVE TO! BECAUSE I CAN'T DISAPPOINT YOU!

Yeah, I logged out just to put this. Hahhah. Please, no hate.
Roger Jaminson chapter 42 . 5/29
What the odds...

After reading "The Tails of Atticus", I felt the urge to take a crap. The chances. But I was like, "I'm holding this shit in. For Calico Trayce!" And I feel full, like stomach kind of full, but in a different sense. Is this what anal feels like? I'll know once I lose my ass virginity.

Anyway, oh fucking yeah! I feel like thrusting, twerking, and all that other good shit (Not mine). Brecken did it! He was able to get Gavin back! I can't decide whether to cry, scream, whoop, or...

Ugh. Overload of emotion! I can't breathe, and I can feel my shit making its way out.

Nice image, amirite?

Yeah. Is it going to be a smooth ride from here on out? With their version of happy ever after? Or is there something Brecken and Gavin gotta work out? I kinda saw that when Gavin demanded Brecken to beg. Mr. Emo Drummer must have been insecure about what he and Brecken had or maybe he wanted like a reason to break away from his "comfort zone", and back with Brecken. Ugh. I don't think I'm explaining this alright, but I ain't a author. No worries.

Hot sexual scene. Blue balls and everything. Not for me, but for poor Gavin and Brecken. Or maybe that might be fixed in the next chapter. *Casual cough*

I was about to put, "Fuck yeah", and I just realized how many times I write that. Hahahha. Anyway, I'll be thinking your next chapter while I'm staining my toilet. Stoked and everything!

"Anyway" is another word I can add to that list.
JBFanatic chapter 41 . 5/29
I love everything about Brecken and Gavin. I love how crazy Gavin makes Brecken to the point where he can become a cocky bastard even when he's trying to apologize. But it fits; I can't see him being all mushy. All in all, I just love them. I hope it all works out.
Not Abigale chapter 41 . 5/29
Guuhhh I need to know what happens, please let us know! The know whole rollercoaster of their relationship is ridiculously entertaining. The way Gavin described Brecken in the beginning is a complete 180 of who he is. Or at least that's how it seems. I love it though!
MeowGoesTheCow chapter 40 . 5/28
bahahaha i knew cole was the new boyfriend xD
Keichaos chapter 41 . 5/27
May I just mention that Roger's review was quite funny. It's a habit from time to time: reading your reviews, Calico. Hahaha!

Anyways, we go to my review of Chapter 41: The Show II. As opposed to previous chapters, we get a lot of dialogue this time. Not just any dialogue though - we have a classic one we're familiar with Brecken and Gavin (with a particularly new addition). This is a type of conversation we see in earlier parts of this story so it felt like a "throwback chapter" for me personally. It was nice feeling. I like how Brecken keep on noting on Gavin's infamous pokerface and weird courage, as it was often done before. We also see small signs on what Gavin used to do before like lip-biting or leaning, acting unconcerned around Brecken. It was really cute.

And hot! That conversation was hot as hell, reminding me of early chapters too! I think the whole thing about the rape and " matter?" seemed to make sense to me. That's Brecken's cross to bear now that he didn't know these kind of things before.

Have you noticed the pattern? Brecken and Gavin have reversed roles now. :)
Roger Jaminson chapter 41 . 5/27

Story time: Stuff happened, but in the end, I was giving birth to my feces while reading your updated story.

Hope you don't mind.

Anyway, fuck yeah! Gavin's lack of straightforward, "Get the fuck out. I never want to see you again" or "How dare you come here, asshole" is such a great sign. I'm sort of expecting Brecken to be mindblown at Gavin's performance. If I remember correctly, this will be the first time he'll see Gavin play. I don't know, somewhat doubting myself.

There are so many questions.

How would Cole react if/when (I'm hoping for an when) Brecken and Gavin get together?

How did Cole and Gavin get together? (Or was this already explained?)

Has Gavin gotten help?

Who raped Gavin?

What happened to Gavin in the year Brecken was held?

Why am I asking so many questions? (This question is cheesy as fuck. Use for dip or anything else.)

I am rooting for Brecken. Big foam fingers and everything, and while I can see why Gavin isn't budging, I'm screaming at him for not running to Brecken's arm. What's the fun in that though?

I'm squealing (yes, like a piggy) for the next chapter. Possible begging, possible rejections, possible break-ups, and possible fucking. Oh yeah. You got it all.
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