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Keichaos chapter 40 . 5/25
Well, that escalated quickly. I knew it! I KNEW IT! Cole was Travis' boyfriend. Still, it's kinda crazy. What a terrible turn of events! It's going to be one crazy ride after this, I bet. hahaha! But the one that most surprised me in this chapter would be that Travis is the top. I can't even...! XD

I must say that the internal conflict that Brecken is experiencing in this chapter could be the "realest" so far. It's perfectly imaginable, not just some whim for plot-progression. I like this Brecken; prison must've changed him or something. Although, he internalizes almost everything. I'm scared he might explode soon.'

Cray. :D
Collins-A chapter 40 . 5/24
nooooooooooOooo! But also yay! I love love angsty competition shit, and Brecken is gonna give one helluva performance I like Cole, but there's no way I would be happy if he and Gavin stayed together. Who knew Gavin was a top? LOL he probably only found a bottom to date cause he only ever wants to be topped by Brecken haha
Guest chapter 40 . 5/24
Calico: *flips the whole damn stage over with a lit Molotov cocktail and a twinkle in her eyes*
Roger Jaminson chapter 40 . 5/23
Did I review for the last chapter? I remember doing so, but I do' t see it. Haha, yes. I check my reviews. It's sort of a bookmark for me.

Yeah. Jesus. I saw it coming, but I still had to stop and take a breather when it was confirmed. Oh.

Gavin as a top.

Brecken unknowingly with Gavin's boyfriend.

Cole hinted at being an alcoholic. (Or am I reading into this too far.)

It's nice to see Gavin might break up Cole. Did I just say that? Well, I'm fucked in the head. I wonder how Brecken is going to take that. Also, I think Gavin's lack of luster in his relationship might have something to do with Brecken being released. Oh yeah. Awesome foreshadowing right there.

Really hoping Brecken and Gavin get together, but Brecken is already expecting Gavin to fall into his arms, and we all know it rarely comes as the character wanted it too. Let's hope this is that .00001%

Can't wait for the next chapter, beautiful author.
marginal-utility chapter 40 . 5/23
:D I knew it!
Fryvi chapter 40 . 5/23
Hah! I knew it! but what comes next? :D
Fryvi chapter 39 . 5/22
Gaaah, I have a feeling Cole is Gavin's boyfriend. But even if he is I can't help but like him!
I hope things go well in the end
Fryvi chapter 31 . 5/22
Still reading, and oh, I like seeing the masculine parts of Gavin :D
Collins-A chapter 39 . 5/21
Please don't tell me Cole is Gavin's new boyfriend, I would laugh and be so angry at the same time. BUT IM SO GLAD YOU PICKED THIS STORY BACK UP, IT'S ONE OF MY FAVOURITES!
Fryvi chapter 2 . 5/19
oh my, I love these characters :D Gavin is so cute!
TashaBelle chapter 19 . 5/19
Gavin's parents are kinda creepy to me. Even though I have a feeling maybe they're not supposed to be?
TashaBelle chapter 17 . 5/19
Oh god I should've known.
This is the hottest thing I've ever read in my life.
I am dying.
I am dying.
TashaBelle chapter 10 . 5/19
I love how Gavin is just using this possibly virginous freshman girl hahaah. She's not even human to him, despite his earlier claims.

Dialogue a bit choppy at the end, but considering you wrote this a thousand years ago, I imagine you don't give a fuck.
TashaBelle chapter 9 . 5/19
Brecken Waters does not have guilt pains! Lol love that shit. Also know this is super old so you may or may not have any idea about what I'm going on about, but hey.

I like how stupid Brecken is. It's funny compared to Gavin. Also like the development thus far.
TashaBelle chapter 8 . 5/19
I love the douchey jock stereotype (if you didn't notice) and also love how confident Gavin is, but not without his own weaknesses. Also, I feel like these short thingies aren't given enough credit on FP! Shit like this is awesome. Anyway, I'm really enjoying this, and I keep thinking about Gavin fucking the fuck out of Brecken...a name I strangely love, by the way. I'm imagining this story is supposed to be a little tamer, since the date is the goal, but then again, it's you...

Aaanyway, love they not-so-unique unique characters and none of this shit is coming out right because Chase is making me cuss too much and also I'm tipsy...

I like it. Yeah.

Also, at the beginning of this chapter, I thought two day later was two years later. I was enraged for a whole five minutes.
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