Reviews for I wish for silence
ArekuKawaii chapter 1 . 7/8/2009
Word Choice: I like that you used the word lest because that is such and old forgotten word. I wish people would use it more. 'Clamp shut your lips' I like that because I viualise someone actually clamping their lips with something so they will not speak more.

Tone: The speaker seems truely annoyed at the thought of this person speaking. Decay of one's body parts due to the hearing them speak, that is pretty powerful because that gives a tone of disgust for the person. Also, 'words pour out' makes it seem that the person just talks for the sake of talking which adds to the tone of annoyance.

Punctuantion: 'lips. Let’s' I love punctuation in the middle of the line and the fact that you kept Let's on the same line impressed me. Most writers would have put it on the next line but in your poem it looks nice next to the period. I also like that there are only two periods because it shows this person has a disgust for meaningless talk and kept the message short.

Enjoymeny: I liked that is was short and to the point as the speaker is describing that as a want because then the speaker is keeping to their own point. It wasn't my favorite however, just due to the fact that this isn't my normal read.

Overall good job