Reviews for Will you walk now?
ArekuKawaii chapter 1 . 7/12/2009
Word Choice: I liked that you ended the first two lines with the word 'from' because it made the poem look nice and they flowed well. I didn't like the wording of 'That sentenced to all and really none.' that line because it seemed very off from the rest of the flow. I think the really is out of place there.

Puntuation: Normally I am not a fan of a poem with only one period but this was short and to the point making it okay with just the one. I do however think the flow would be a little clearer if there was a comma behind the word stand.

Tone: The tone is seemed rather sorrowful and full of regret. They speaker is reaching out for the person they are talking to, yet being ignored thus the sorrowful tone. There also seemed to be a bit of distaste because the speaker mentioned all the others in the same boat as the one they are trying to reach out to.

Enjoyment: I did like the short brisk feel of this poem because it was to the point. I didn't really like the concept behind the peice because it is cliched, but you did mention that it was cliched.