Reviews for Mafia Runner
Guest chapter 12 . 9h
So I Googled Harvard to check the veracity of my statement, and I am wrong. I guess I was thinking of Stanford, probably. Don't know... but... well... oops. I retract my previous commment. I'll still keep reading. :)
Guest chapter 12 . 10h
Everytime his choice between universities pops up, I just mentally punch a pillow. Harvard and UCLA are both in California, but their dialogue and his monologue makes it seem like Harvard and UCLA are on completely different states and Harvard is much closer to NJ... it's making me peeved.. I'll keep reading though.
MusicToSleepTo chapter 15 . 11/22
Aww, I was hoping for some bdsm ;(
justanotherdot chapter 32 . 11/22
OH. MY. GAWD. I love this! I just read 92 chapters of depressing but also great manlove with a shit ton of political maneuvering before this and this was like a balm to me. It's not absurdly fluffy and it's a great story with enough explanations, twists and romance. Thank you for sharing this with us you lovely creature you. 3
Also, I love how you make Lucian very much human no matter how much he loved Afton. He still had faults but they still manage to get through it without an unbelievable amount of drama. He wasn't your overly perfect knight in shining armor with money, looks and power in spades. Afton's development was great too. He didn't turn into a whining, pouty brat with an indentity crisis and was extremely level headed.
creativesmarts chapter 32 . 11/19
I nearly cried a few times reading this story, but this chapter actually brought me to tears. I'm such a sap...
This was truly amazing: beautifully written, great characterization, humor throughout (especially from Afton. I just love him so much).
Really great job:)
creativesmarts chapter 31 . 11/19
Blaise only said three sentences, but I think his part was my favorite part of the chapter:P I could just see it perfectly in my head as he came in with his smug announcement. Absolutely brilliant.
creativesmarts chapter 27 . 11/19
And whoa. Shit just got real.
creativesmarts chapter 25 . 11/19
At least he still has his underwear...that's good.
So wait...his grandmother is actually...his mother...?
Which would make his mother...his sister...who gave birth to him...
Wow, is all I can say.
creativesmarts chapter 24 . 11/19
WTF?! Where did he come from? I hate him right now :(
I hope he doesn't tell Gabriele that Afton contacted Tony...though he probably plans to...this sucks :( (In a good way.)
creativesmarts chapter 22 . 11/19
I'm so excited to read the Afton/Gabriele interactions! On to the next chapter I go :)
P.S. Poor Russo, lol, he's adorable. I like him
creativesmarts chapter 20 . 11/19
"I kind of feel like I'm sharpening my enemy's blade for him right before a duel."
Well said, Afton xD I'm in love
creativesmarts chapter 18 . 11/18
I am so relieved that he and Tony made up:)
And these next few days should be interesting;)
creativesmarts chapter 17 . 11/18
Afton's love for food makes me adore him more than I already do :P
I actually like Blaise. I look forward to future interactions with him.
And that ending. *drools*
creativesmarts chapter 15 . 11/18
NO! What happened to him?! :(
creativesmarts chapter 12 . 11/17
*sobs* This is so sad; I was honestly on the verge of crying when they were saying goodbye by the pool. I can't handle this :'(
I sincerely hope Lucian is able to do what he said...
And I love the way Lucian was describing Afton earlier when he called him "a mirage of innocence and fire, such perfection." Beautiful.
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