Reviews for The Man on the Side of the Freeway
x3life chapter 1 . 6/26/2009
aw, this was really cute.

i enjoyed it )
elisefey chapter 1 . 6/26/2009
Very nice, poetic narrative. I really enjoyed it.
HelloLovely chapter 1 . 6/26/2009
Hey, I liked this story. I love the making a home out of sunshine, I love all those lines. And I love her pain at the old man's pain. Great story.


JamieBell chapter 1 . 6/25/2009
Oh man! Are you like that too? And I thought I was the only one. I can't stand the thought of anyone I know reading my stuff. I'll close the document or the laptop when anyone comes in, and then I pretend I wasn't doing anything. But then I look guilty as anything, which is stupid and then people get suspicious. But really, I'm so self-conscious.

Remember how I wrote a poem once, and you were all sweet about it saying it made you get all SWALLOW-Y and stuff? Well, honey, it's my turn. I had a lump like THIS BIG in my throat when I read this. It's just chock-full of... I don't even know what to say because you just made my heart hurt. In a really, really good way. I like how the old man becomes the embodiment of her feelings of frustration, confusion, and being lost. And how, when she finally gives the man what he needs, it's kind of like she's facing up to the things she didn't want to think about. And how the story is set in Summer, but her name is Autumn... and when she finally figures out who she is and what she wants, she moves past the haziness of summer, and just becomes.

And I totally don't know what I'm saying anymore. But your writing is beautiful. Because YOU are beautiful and it shows. Girl, you inspire me! Thank you.
Kyllex chapter 1 . 6/25/2009

This was super duper schmooper looper cute. (I am aware that that made no sense what-so-ever. I DON'T REALLY CARE.)

I love the characters and I love the simplicity of it. It's just...AAHH. IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE! I love the name Autumn, too. I think it's nice that you chose that name for her, especially since this is a summer it's purty cool. Haha.

So yep. I love the whole concept of this thing. I think it's really deep and symbolic of the world and I love how it's that and super adorable. It made me smile. (:

ANYWAY. I hope you find the time to be able to come on more! I mis your funny remarks. Hah!


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