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Barranea chapter 6 . 9/3/2009
"Eva was jarred awake by..." passive sentence at the opening is not good. actually, passive sentences are not good overall. Change change change to active voice!

Wait...a refined voice that says 'aye'... o.O

Eva lay inert...I know it's the right meaning but...she sounds like some kind of gas...or some sort of energy. Inappropriate but correct.

Why didn't she move anyway? I would've been panicking knowing I could die. Maybe you could say that she was in pain? And they didn't notice she was awake? Not even on guard? They should know that if she's a pirate, well, at least one of them, being on guard is important. Wait, were her eyes open or closed?

Er...I don't quite get how you can see behind those hairy little lashes unless you're a camel...

I'm assuming you're using Eva's perspective alone, but I suddenly saw an omnipotent god here. "...seeing that there would be no faster way of getting the man out of his hair..." funny line and I appreciate it, but you jumped into another person's mind! Unless you forgot to say Eva is a telepath, rewrite :D

Er...what question was left unanswered?

"The bandages were the only thing that covered her torso at all." Whoa, whoa...word overuse. Cut at torso.

She can sit up so suddenly? Um...and what's the significance of this scene with Samuel. What's his intention? It was so clouded. Give him more character here if you want us to have Eva's fears as well.

I hear god talking again: "Her request was immediately attended to, and with a bit of a scuffle in the dim cell, the man was able to locate the small wooden cask of water that was set out for the prisoners’ use. There was a thin film atop the water, which Garret tried to scrape off with the ladle before proffering it to Eva." Unless she faced him, which I doubt she will, she won't find out about that.

"Time doesn’t move at its usual pace on this island. Usually I would tell a patient that the bandages need to be changed every six hours or so, but here it’s very difficult to measure" I think this is a very interesting tidbit that we should've known earlier. It can be a great pull to your story. Gives it an air of mystery.

"She was so intent in this endeavor that she..." you can be more descriptive about this like "She stayed at the sky transfixed at how no star was in its proper place..." Or something like that.

I'm not quite sure how they managed to do the things they did in (and beyond) the cell (Shelly and Eva). You can describe the place.

He didn't give her the pushing stick watchamacallit?

Uh...again with the senseless killing?

Captain shrieking. Reminds me of a one of those cartoons when a gruff man is actually a pansy.

FYI, pirates DO NOT swim. Folklore dictates they MUST NOT SWIM.

She could already tell that the General was cold, calculating and indifferent?

I have noticed something very important. Your protagonists are pirates when usually, they're antagonists. They're supposed to be evil and sinister and you showed that well. Question, why should I, as a reader prefer them as opposed to the islanders? In truth, I am now rooting for them to cull these badlads and live in peace.

Here's the thing. If you want us to care for them, show us that they're not really evil. Look at Pirates of the Carribean. Capt. Jack Sparrow and his motely crew are scurvey that should be removed from the face of the earth, right? But why do we feel that way? Because even though we see and know they're nothing but trouble, we know they're not evil. We know that the pirates only care for their own hides and that they're only trying to survive. Plus we love the character of Jack Sparrow.

That's how we chose them over the gov't and the East India Company. No one's a hero. No one's the goody-two-shoes in that movie, but because we know them and we know that they're not evil, we side with them.

"Shelley did not, however, follow his usual routine of falling soundly asleep within moments. He lay awake, staring upwards with a slight frown on his face. It wasn’t that he minded being out in the elements; he had spent many nights sleeping abovedecks as a lad, preferring the view of the stars to the moldy boards above the crew’s quarters. Though the moss below him was softer than the wood of a ship’s deck, he felt as if he was in a strange, unnatural place, far from water as he was. There was no gentle rocking to lull him to sleep, no sound of the ocean spray, no creaking of wood and slap of rope and canvas.

Casting a furtive glance at Eva, Shelley noticed that she was still awake as well and staring at a particularly ugly beetle that was making its way determinedly up a nearby rock."


Shooting up in the air? High jumper? o.O

"She didn’t find it, and her mood, just like her wounds, was exacerbated to the point of angry protest." Improve. It doesn't give me any hard-hitting oomph factor. You can try "She didn't find it. Her eyes furrowed, a growl escaping from between her clenched teeth, half in pain and half in anger at being made a fool. Both feelings were too intense to ignore." Or something like that.

So none of the lashes landed on the small of her back? How very...convenient. I'd have thought blundering Nicolo would be more careless. Or is he so careless it went unscathed?

Realistically, you wouldn't be as talkative when you're hurrying to find shelter from the rain.

So...they're keeping wet clothes on. *ahem* la~la~la~pneumonia~

Your character loves to judge others, doesn't she?

"There was nothing he could say that wouldn’t sound false at the moment."


Clothes drying that fast might be plausible considering the humidity rain gives until after it falls IF she wakes up near afternoon and the rain didn't fall too long. Just an FYI.

Ah...apparently it's still raining. Clothes have a 80% probability of still being wet unless the cloak and the ground has absorbed the moisture. There is little room for evaporation at this point.

"...tumbled backward into the shallow water..." OW! OW! OW! Oh...what about the fever? She isn't even shivering in the water?

"Shelley whirled away from Eva and stalked over the beach, his iron gray eyes scouring his surroundings. The ship was nearly invisible due to the downpour of rain that continued, but his trained eye could pick out the tiny black smudge just off the coast not quite a league away, floating bravely on the swells. At least, from what he could tell, the crew had secured it properly and were now probably riding out the storm huddled in the belly of the sleek vessel. It would be the safest place."

God. Alright, let me tell you this. The classic writers got away with the POV of a god because they are gods. See Charles Dickenson's works. But we aren't Charlie are we?

Wow, the corpse is lucky even his eyes are still intact. Fish do eat dead human eyes. I've seen a dead korean that way. she was probably a beginner scuba diver. *shudder* and the STENCH! EW! GAG! GAG! one was bailing? Eva is being such a prima donna at this point.

"“You!” The captain prodded Eva impatiently with the end of his oar, startling her from her reverie and drawing the attention of her wide eyes. She had almost been asleep, oddly enough. “This is going to be difficult and slightly dangerous,” he began, trying not to think of the dangers of being dashed into the side of the ship by the waves and being crushed beneath it. Assured that he had her attention now, he continued, “I am going to steer us as close as I can to the gangway, but we are going to have to swim the rest of the way.” He didn’t need to explain to Eva that it would be near impossible to moor the tiny boat beside the ship in such agitated water. She merely nodded and watched as he carefully edged the small vessel nearer to the ship." A long physics explanation will tell you why this is inaccurate. I just don't have the space. :D

"He staggered from the warmth of his cabin and made his way from the slippery quarterdeck, briefly gazing up at the rigging and staring at the sails, which had been tightly furled to keep them from flapping wildly in the raging wind. That was how good ships were sunk, or at least lost their masts. Though storms frequented the seas around the island, few managed to make it past the reef of jagged rocks that surrounded the isle. The rocks acted as a barrier, creating safe harbor for the very people they had wrecked and trapped upon the island. Because of this, Shelley realized that his crew had apparently become fairly lazy, and he scoffed at their sloppy job of battening the ship down to weather out the storm." Huh? Uh, 1st thing, this sounds like a lecture. 2nd thing, it was tightly furled, not unfurled, which makes the masts safe. Typo perhaps?

again, fo'cawhat?

Hm...if you want to shift POVs don't do it in the middle of the chapter. occurred to me. Why was she barefoot in the first place?

And yes, I'm still generally enjoying your story. Or else, i would've stopped reviewing.
Barranea chapter 5 . 9/1/2009
A question, why has no one raised the issue earlier?

blood and waster? o.O reminds me of jesus christ. blood and bone yes but...water?

well, the cat o'nine tails is a more befitting punishment a pirate gives than death.

"Her sense of urgency, unprecedented as it seemed, put her on edge." Does this mean she never felt this kind of sense of urgency?

Amazingly, she's strong enough to climb down a ladder and not notice the pain but suddenly realizes the hurt when she shrugged her shoulders! And laying on her back? That would be hell. lying face down would've been merciful.

And um...i think this is a common misconception about wounds by people. They don't feel sticky against your skin...they feel congealed and jelly-like when they begin to dry, but not sticky.

It's a nice read altogether (i don't mind pain and suffering: i.e. i enjoy george r.r. martin's books) but you have to stick closer to reality. sometimes you veer off a little and give the story less impact than it should have.
Barranea chapter 4 . 9/1/2009
(2nd half of chapter 2)

the poetry in your song is good, but Eva analyzing that the song was deliberately chosen by the captain is too presumptuous when she doesn't know him yet. this could work out later. right now, it doesn't with it, you could scrap the whole small talk which would not make sense here.

a smile crease his eyes? you could use better imagery than that. especially when you said it "temporarily melting their icy blue frost" so the corners melted? o.O *gasp!*

tatoo of running feet on deck? o.O

why continue reading if it puts her to sleep? might as well sleep. and "looked the most interesting?" she didn't try reading the others?

(chapter 3)

why had she not expected silence after last night's events?

what's with the talk about what the captain eats? and what's with the gullibility of the crew? and the speculations? and why isn't the intelligent Lachlan saying anything? He's supposed to know about things that go in and out of people's quarters, doesn't he? if it doesn't add to the story's value, cut it. ruthless, yes, but cut it.

pirates they may be, but to shoot a crew member so needlessly? captain have enough sense to know that every crew member is a precious commodity especially when none of them are easily replaceable and all of them are loyal to him. mutiny is easy with a captain that's too lenient to use his gun.

lots of chitchat between eva and the boy but i never got to know the boy. again, avoid small talk. make your conversations have purpose

fo'cawhat? did the boy try to wrap the blanket around him? isn't he tied to the mast? i'm confused...

ah well, that's about it for now, I guess. i think it's nice she made friends. the only thing is she could've done something else but lie to make them.
Barranea chapter 3 . 9/1/2009 she was prone to do...wait, prone? Sorry, little pet peeve glitch coming on. try wont. not won't, wont. Or maybe that's not the right word because a sound woke her and it wasn't her own body clock.

weren't you in the present tense in the previous chapter? oh suddenly shifted tenses...*twitch* right smack in the middle of your story. guess i forgot to say that earlier.

oh and i reviewed your 1st chapter/prologue, and it didn't show. I remember ranting about a plank not being a rational thing to hold onto and a few praises like it was nice, but argh...nevermind.

I'm really amused at the way you handle pirate language. very nice. But don't get gung ho on it too much. sometimes, it goes off as unintelligible blabber.

I can tolerate this in speech, but in narration, this is a cardinal sin: "He spoke as if it were a *real* privilege to be in her company" Do you see?

Uh...he can measure the clothes without cutting them up but anyway... can cloth press at her back while he was tying the binding behind her?

the anger dissipated quite suddenly.

A good chapter with minor glitches.
cosmoswatch chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
This is a really good story! but i think that there are some loose ends in this story e.g when Eva tells Peter the story about the priate king , i expected Peter try and runaway with Eva? However keep up the good work!
Barranea chapter 2 . 8/31/2009
Dear, you would've made me really happy with the chapter if you didn't spoil it at the beginning:

"So, in a little explanation, this takes place on an island that is in the middle of an underwater caldera (which basically means cauldron when translated literally). That means..."

I stopped there literally deciding on whether or not to continue. It was as if it were a gauge of how well you can write this all out: meaning you can't.

I felt that you can though, so I gave you a shot.





Guess I have to read the bloody note then.

Which turns out to be not that important after all. Please don't do these things. You're a good writer and you don't deserve the punishment you give yourself! AND ME.

At least now I get the timeline you're running. This is good.

Um...maybe you could clarify your whole scene when she was looking at the captain. I was imagining a bearded old hairy sea dog and then...bam! the descriptions set in. Maybe you could hint the difference in voice.

And uh...this is a mistake I've learned a few weeks ago. Don't tell me he's handsome, show it. And in the eyes of someone like Eva, I don't think handsome is the 1st word that will come to her mind. Maybe later but not now. wreckage and she would think her ship was sundered. Doesn't make sense, but I'll overlook that.

You write out a nice scene. No dragging crap, thankfully. :D
Maelne chapter 19 . 8/30/2009
Aw :) What a cute I'm gonna go watch Pirates of the Caribbean.
Maelne chapter 17 . 8/29/2009
Wow o.o quite the imagination. The dead crew thing is very interesting.
orange-peaches chapter 19 . 8/24/2009
Sigh.. I'm sad it's over! But it was really lovely and adventurous! I'll definitely check out your other writings! :) Review you next time!

Maelne chapter 16 . 8/22/2009
:D! Aw!
Maelne chapter 15 . 8/22/2009
Aw :( I feel like everything is DOOMED! :*(
Russian Roulette chapter 19 . 8/22/2009
Aw, no more story to read! [ I loved this from beginning to end and I'm in a very piratey mood now haha ] I'm so glad Shelley and Eva got their happy ending, I'm such a sucker for those! I'll definitely read the rest of your work, so expect more reviews! D
Russian Roulette chapter 9 . 8/21/2009
Wow! I'm only half way through the story and love it to bits already! I love the humour in it, and the touches of cruelty that remind us that pirates are vicious scoundrels ( though they're lovable to me! ) I'm really surprised this hasn't had more reviews and it is honestly an absolute pleasure to read. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard reading anything on here! This is definitely one of my favourite stories on Fictionpress, congratulations on a brilliant yarn and thanks for giving it to us to read!
flaming-anubis chapter 18 . 8/20/2009
This is an awesome story. There's really nothing here I can flame. Great job.
orange-peaches chapter 17 . 8/19/2009
Creepy creepy dead sailors! Woo Shelley is a better man than me sticking around with dead guys (which isn't that hard considering I'm not male haha). The mermaids are pretty creepy too, but I like their helpfulness (even if it did require carrying a blecky hand). Review you next time!(which I hope is soon!)

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