Reviews for Smells and the Salt of the Earth
xenolith chapter 1 . 8/4/2009
I actually... spluttered out loud (sol hah,) while I was reading this! Parts were just so blunt, like the captain and in the beginning when he's like, I'm a sailor, bitch! Hilarious. I guess my point is that it surprised me, and I haven't read anything like this before. Not what I expected anyways!

That said, I liked it.

These lines were my favourites:

'And she did have legs for days.'

'He was too listless to cry.'

I love the way you word things. About the story, I thought it was crazy, romantic, even considering the characters and the timespan and the circumstances. There were some moments that I completely loved and others that to be honest made me cringe! But I think overall it was great, it all works, and it feels real.

Oh and lastly, teal and coral are my absolute favourite colours so I got so excited when I read about Sadie's dress!