Reviews for bad trip
Tytherpol chapter 1 . 2/15/2010
sweet darling, david,

i've looked through all my emails & can't find your address,

so i can't contact you except by leaving a review for one of your pieces on here. it's bad, really, you should resend me your email address (-reminder to remember to follow fp's sobering rule of you needing to add spaces to cut it up).

i just reread the bit you wrote about the supermarket, having to pay for a fucking apple. my good friend gabe quotes/references it sometimes now, and that always makes me happy.

i realize that i've told near everyone i know/particularly care for about you. i have my first boyfriend now, and he knows who i mean now when i say 'ny david.' so i guess that means i think you're my friend or something :)

holla back