Reviews for Family
Rhea Ceres Varuna chapter 1 . 7/24/2011
I had not heard of this law until I read your essay. In Nebraska one can actually drop a child off, no questions asked, and be absolved of all responsibility? That's awful! I could see it perhaps if it allowed only children under one year of age to be dropped off, but children of any age? That's a travesty.

Oh, also, on the subject of teenagers, perhaps ALL adults would do well to remember that they were once teeneagers too. (Just a thought.)

Anyway, I like how you did this piece. I think it was through and you made several good points. I ran a quick Google serach and it looks like that safe haven law was supposed to be revised. I dont know if they fixed it or not though.

This was an interesting read.

- Kaali Van Amarante