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Emoddess chapter 6 . 7/26/2022
Oh no, was he really about to throw that vase at her? Lyle. Not cool. And Steven's text! The way to make them think you're sleeping is to not reply to the text, Steve, ma man. He's so funny sometimes xD Still I like that brotherly bit between Lyle and Steven, makes the former look more vulnerable and humane to me instead of the messed up side he's shown to Lea some times. Ohhhh this part when Lyle exclaimed, " Can't anyone tell the truth around here?" Yeah, that's like some foreshadowing to me because of what's going on and what I found out later so far! I thought it was a good subtle hint and reading it again makes it even more clearer to me after all these years. Also, I totally did not expect to see Lillian and Daya standing at their doorstep together since I didn't know Daya fraternises with Lillian since she goes to grammar school with Lyle - however, that was my impression before I knew that Daya was in the local paper contributor and was interviewing her since it's a small town - that was a nice tie in! Also umm I would be mad too if someone invited other people to my place without my consent so Lea, I know you wanted allies/help to get you out of the sticky situation, still, it wasn't entirely a cool move to do that to Lyle, girl.

There's this sentence that made me laughed and grinned widely; "And I was handcuffed to Lyle, as I have been for the past three chapters." xD Talk about breaking the fourth wall, it's great! :'D

ALSO here's one of the parts that are my fav! Learning about Lyle's heritage and that his dad is actually nobility which makes him one is just a welcome information! Reading about castles and this setting PLUS making them nobility; awesome elements and one of the reasons why I love this story besides it's really wacky yet adorable characters in this fiction and the intriguing plot xD I remember gasping in delightful surprise at finding this bit! Also can relate to some of Lea's woes hahah about the Maths homework and lol when she said her mind was as empty as Lyle's heart! What a simile xD

I really enjoyed these chapters so far and am looking forward again to the next ones! I'll be leaving reviews gradually hehe. Will be back again! :)
Emoddess chapter 5 . 7/26/2022
Hahahaha not Lyle suggesting to play Monopoly 'cause he doesn't want them to sleep on the same bed, whereas Lea already feels beckon to the Cloud 9 mattress. Also, it's fun seeing them having a conversation (hmm some of it was harsh although at this point we can conclude that's just their thing it seems) and in a way have them get to know each other again since the last 5 years, a lot happened and they didn't communicate. It feels like they have always bantered like this even before, huh. LOL those subtle innuendos/misunderstandings from Lea! And OMG him getting started when she said those big commitment words when she panicked ;_; Girl just wanted to escape from the situation, however, Lyle got sucked into his feelings (and looking at her like she's possibly grown horns too).

Oh yeah when Lyle vehemently said, "There's no way under any possible circumstances that I would share a bed with you. Not even if we were married." And I'm here just...well. Lyle. No one said anything about getting married (yet) and I'm sure it didn't cross Lea's mind too. But thanks for letting us know how you feel about her hahah. Seems like Lyle has had that thought occurred before that made him think in some deep part of his mind, that he wouldn't mind being with Lea - in a long term commitment, which shows me that he doesn't exactly hate her, not truly, despite his attitude to her hmm. I'd say this because he probably never would (yet) that he definitely, affirmatively has some kind of affection/feelings for her so far *thinking face emoji*

Hahahah that half-running away pose always cracked me up!
Emoddess chapter 4 . 7/26/2022
Me just laughing at these two teens' attempt at trying to free themselves and awww when Lea made the remark about being friends (albeit sarcastically) and Lyle saying "Yes." quietly that already had me thinking there was more to their friendship and dynamic and well into the past...this made me even more curious about what happened between them all those years ago besides what we already know. And dlfjlfjslj Lea girl. You're not fooling anyone with that explanation although 5 points for your effort xD And I may or may not have gasped a little when he proceeded to get to her jacket and her phone. Like, there are already sizzles of attraction here and tension sometimes so. He managed to get her phone for her mobile number and that's when Steven appeared, and ofcourse he's completely unfazed by his little brother's antics and their childhood friend. Aw Steven is cute and adorable and besides his air-headed comments, I agree with Lea that it's super cool to have a microwave in the room as well xD I think this would be the first character which has a microwave in a room that I've read. Oh no, laser cutters? Sounds dangerous yet at the same time I can kinda understand what she meant by double negative rules hm. But then! His mom won't be back until the following morning and she'd have to spend the night with him handcuffed at that. Sounds fun hahaha, only in fiction, of course! And to the author's question, I'm gonna go with my first impression when I read this years ago that I did not guess she would have to spend the night, which was an exhilarating information to behold - this made me look forward to the next chapter even more! I've re-read this again and it still is a fun thing to look forward to for them. How will they tolerate and treat each other more? xD And yes, Lea needed to find a solution quick to escape his clutches!
Emoddess chapter 3 . 7/26/2022
Lyle saying what he said about Lea making the expression which he hates and I'm just like, well gee Lyle, maybe DON'T treat her in a way that have her make such expression? You know, being a sadistic bully? *face palms* I feel like as much as he doesn't like that look she made, the helpless and resigned expression whenever he had her like this, he secretly relishes it...since he's got that dom/sub thingy going on with Lea. Anywho, it seems like just a mild thing between and I uh hope it stays that way? Also omg Lea's accusation though I'm screaming girl... and his response, "...Honestly Lea, do you wish me to crack your skull against my stone wall? And don't move so much." A violent threat although considering her astonishingly absurd remark, can kinda understand why he said that...still can't blame the girl much since he's gone to lengths to make her childhood hell so far, eh.

Sometimes Lyle seems to be just a misunderstood teenager with emotions and I like when he bared them to her, other times he's a demon in disguise she always claimed him to be. Sometimes I have a love/hate thing with his character skjsljl.

And this part: "Good," Lyle said, "Then you wouldn't mind putting your hand on my shoulder." I'm ngl Paul Anka's Put Your Hand On My Shoulder played in my mind right on cue xD

Their banter is always fun to read and ooh having read all the chapters again, I'm loving these clue and twists which will be revealed later on. Also, that pause, and then the word "twat." being part of the reason why he didn't like Lillian and did what he did. At first, I thought Lillian was a rival for Lea (this happened even when I first read the story and years later, I still succumb to such uneasiness for our FL but I need not worry lol). Hahahah those few last dialogues when they realised they were now stuck to each other dljslfjlsdj. Oh the key! Being stuck although they both seem to not be fond of each other much with the way they seem to converse and treat each other...oh you are not fooling me xD
Emoddess chapter 2 . 7/26/2022
Always gotta love how you describe Lyle's castle mansion and even the towers! I can imagine them vividly and it really gives a certain type of ambience that makes this story wonderful and enchanting. Poor Lea. She just wanted to go about her daily lives with the exception of fraternising with Lyle but the man had different ideas. Seems like he wants to rekindle their old friendship hmm...

Also Daya's character reminds me a bit of Captain Jack Sparrow (hahaha even in Sparrowick!) and I feel like her character is channelled a little bit from him. She's a perfect balance to this craziness in the story and also a fun best friend to have xD But ooh seems like it's hard to believe what Lea is saying especially when Lyle has strengthened his gentlemanly reputation throughout the town :o That has to be frustrating! Yet, I LOL-ed and nodded to myself in understanding when Lea said, "Had I been emo I would have written depressing poetry about how misunderstood I felt." Yeaah can kinda relate to that one dlfjdflj ;_;

Ah one thing I note here, it said that the fruits in Daya's hat are plastic yet when they fell, they went squish and splat. Hmm so does that mean they weren't plastic after all, or just a little typo?

When Lyle knew she was there and him saying, "Come on upstairs, everything's ready." Ngl it kinda made me feel a little something something. Ahem. What sort of dangerous liaison these two teens got themselves into... and then he showed the handcuffs. "You're here. Now we can begin." I just can't omg sdjlsdjslsl Lyle, please ;_;
Emoddess chapter 1 . 7/26/2022
I read it when I found this story years ago on here and always come back to it whenever I miss reading about the characters and their story. This time, instead of being a silent reader again, I decided I should have done this years ago: leaving reviews on your story! So let's get into it :D

I loooove the way you describe the settings of Sparrowick, from their houses/castle, pumpkin patches to the chilly weather. And Halloween! It all fits perfectly with the story and characters you're telling, especially with Lyle having some S&M tendencies. Spooky, dangerous, and a little eccentric.

"The serious man at the door simply stared on. That was pretty unnerving. 'He's probably taken by my overflowing charm,' I tried to convince myself." - Tbh, that might have been my first thought too lol if I were her hahah. The next immediate one would be to abandon ship and swim away if he keeps staring. Forget the shovel, I say! But then again, this is Lea we're talking about... (xD I love that her go to phrase about him is always 'This is LYLE we were talking about hahaha).

About Lyle Parker: "He had lost his immature, childish looks. Unfortunately they had been replaced by impassive ruthlessness. He seems awfully like a creature from the netherworld when I describe him. You would never believe that he had been selected as 'Sparrowick's Hottest Teenager!'" I laughed to myself when I read that bit. He may be a bully then but now he's an even more of a handsome, devilish bully. Also, read it before and recently again, and I still couldn't believe him thinking that she's a girl was the first thing that came out of Lyle's mouth. I think it shows that either he's had little contact with his female counterparts or that they rarely or never come to his place - hence the surprising statement. Adds to his mysterious character in the narration, in my opinion which is good. Ah but then it got my stranger danger radar going haywire when he said he needed to practice on her. Since you described that Lyle has been a terror to Lea since they were younger, I think these showed a believable and solid trait to his character which of course shows how much of a dangerous oddball Lea's bully-neighbour is.

Omg Lyle being touchy-touchy with Lea... okay that might have gotten me to started gathering scraps to build a ship for them, still, it is important to note that consent is always needed, Lyle. So hold your horses, please! Next, I thought Steven would help Lea away from his little brother, but nooope. His comments though and when Lea asked what's S&M, I CAN'T kdjslkdjlsjdldsl

This one always cracked me up:

"Can I have the shovel first please?" I asked innocently.

Lyle passed it to me and I struck him on the head with it.

Lea did what she had to, being in a situation like that especially when her adversary is her childhood bully who is quite deranged although good looking. On to the next one!
Guest chapter 21 . 1/29/2018
Where are you? Why aren't you finishing this? Please come back
LucyRowanVictoria chapter 4 . 5/24/2017
Lyle repels keys...
LucyRowanVictoria chapter 1 . 5/24/2017

what's s&n?
d-rx chapter 21 . 7/9/2015
Ahh! The last time you updated this I was going into my freshmen year of highschool and now I'm going into my senior year! I love this story so much and sometimes I go back to re-read it cuz it's just so well written and fun! I know you're probably busy with real life stuff and that's totally fine! But hopefully maybe you'll one day be able to squeeze in sometime to finish this story :) In the meantime, it'll stay in my alerts and I will patiently wait for the day we get an update! Whether it's a chapter update or you telling us you've decided to not complete it. It's just so agonizing left with a cliffhanger, ya know? But anyways, I hope you've been well all these years! xx
plutonious chapter 21 . 5/13/2015
Aw do you really stopped writing this good story? Actually I need more :'(
cassie4ever11 chapter 21 . 12/30/2014
I love it. Plz update it it's been 2 years so pllllzzzzzzzz
Whisper of Darkness chapter 21 . 7/24/2014
Hahahaha ok, ok, ghoul it is then :)
But really, whoa. I love every sentence!
Guest chapter 21 . 6/18/2014
I've read it over so many times because it's such a well written story and I love the characters and the plot and even though I know it's probably never going to be finished, I still wait for the day that I get a new chapter email alert for this story.
augmentedDREAMS chapter 21 . 1/7/2014

Why don't you update? I want to- I need to read more! Dx
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