Reviews for Convalescence
LittleWolfPup chapter 16 . 5/16/2010
Love this story. Very good, can't wait for the next chapter!
tainted music chapter 16 . 12/1/2009
Just finished reading all 16 chapters in one sitting! Love the twist at the end.. which i expected after reading the reviews by accident.. Heh.
Blair Phoenix chapter 16 . 11/17/2009
The pacing of the story seems kinda off to me, but overall I like your story so far :P. Definitely a shocker to hear she's pregnant, I don't see that information being very easy to swallow lol. I'll be sure to watch out for you to update this!
Zephiria chapter 16 . 11/9/2009
Wow, pregnant, I really wasn't expecting that! Can't wait for next chapter ;)
luchrollo chapter 16 . 11/9/2009
I had a kind of dramatic song playing while reading the end, which made it kind of... really dramatic. I was thinking of all different things that could be wrong but... not this!

A whole week! You monster! (just kidding ily. D:)
Tears of a Dreamer chapter 16 . 11/8/2009
U-update. ;-; P-p-p-please.
luchrollo chapter 15 . 11/3/2009
hahha It's like when Carol is saying "This is serious Grace. We really need to figure out how to move forward with this" Grace is thinking in her head,

'Just be my girlfriend already!' haha.

Love the name of this chapter. :D Outback has good food, so I've heard.

By the way you shouldn't stress about updating! (some stories don't update for months) And no need to apologize, school and work are important. C: School and work first, and then everything else! that's what my grandmother taught me at least. :O
Confined Emotions chapter 15 . 11/1/2009
Keep updating :) Nice add
Confined Emotions chapter 14 . 10/18/2009
This was nice... please keep writing!
Zephiria chapter 14 . 10/12/2009
Really good chapter! The riding together part was a really good idea, and the kiss scene, that was so good, I really liked when Grace said “I'm sorry Carol. But I warned you!”

Please update soon!
luchrollo chapter 14 . 10/11/2009
love the part where they're riding together on the horse. didn't see that coming. also, the part where Grace says “I'm sorry Carol. But I warned you!” i can just picture the look on their faces. haha.
luchrollo chapter 12 . 10/5/2009
Yes. I enjoyed it. *.*

I did, but at the same time didn't see that coming.

Can't wait for you to update!
femslasher chapter 12 . 10/5/2009
This is really great! I love it. More please!
luchrollo chapter 11 . 10/3/2009
I think this is one of the best paced story's I've read yet! A lot I read lately move too fast.

haha, I've had pizza like every day this week.

Oh, and I agree with Sunny Bites! :)
Sunny Bites chapter 11 . 10/1/2009
Oh Grace is in troble...! I hope she gives in to Carol soon...

man I love ur story. great job on it. Just a sugestion is that I Think u should have some background details on Eliot's and Grace's marrage. Like if Grace was forced into marrying Eliot by her step-father or something along the lines of it. But it's only a sugestion. keep on going! Speling and grammer are very good
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