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Sunsharmony chapter 15 . 8/2/2010
ugh i hate this i couldnt even read th efreaking chapter just rip my heart out and stomp on the little pieces D"x
Sunsharmony chapter 14 . 8/2/2010
no! but they are in *LOVE* please ive been waiting to finally get them together but ur RIPPING MY HEART OUT D:
CarBeck4ever chapter 27 . 7/29/2010
Dont get me wrong I love how you made her not perfect like alot of other authors make their characters. I like how she's flawed and you clearly let it known. I just don't like her. But I like how she is a 3 dimensional character and show all sides of her. Love your writing and your character developement.
lorraine chapter 27 . 7/28/2010
I loved this story. It was sweet, emotional, hot and is now one of my favorite angst filled romance stories.
CarBeck4ever chapter 15 . 7/27/2010
kiera is a selfish little bitch who only thinks about her self and doesn't consider others in her decisions. it may look like she does but she's very selfish and i hate her so far. she says its not fair to denny but she continues to lie and cheat on him. she says shes hurting kellan but she keeps leading him on and then going back to denny. she has no right to get mad or irritated with kellan over girls he chooses to be with. like she said she's not his. she fails to realize that by "considering" their feelings, she's only hurting them more. she demands and expects so much from them when she isn't giving them jack squat. i love this story and im really looking forward in continuing it. but i hate kiera. sorry just my opinion.
shinnie chapter 27 . 7/16/2010
Review part 2:

I have felt the need to post another review, in response to another. Firstly, I loved this story. Yes, at times kiera annoyed me, but I came to realise that her flaws made her more believable as a character. Yes she's a whiney, indecisive person but such people exist. I can imagine being put in a position where one is torn between love and passion, the known and the unknown. This story really gripped me, as it did others...and the reason why people couldn't put this book down despite what they may view as 'flaws' is because they loved the storyline, the choices that needed to be made, even the so called flawed characters. Flaws are what make us human...and I actually felt all the characters to be real. Life is cheesy at times, life is slow at times, its unbelievable and sometimes we find ourselves doing stupid things like getting in the way of an attacker rather pushing/stopping them, that's life, and I think this story reflected 'life' really well.

As a side note, twilight is flawed in more ways than anything iv ever read before...but it was a compelling read and the flaws made it What it is today. Please continue to write and share your stories with us Shannon and do not get put off by such criticisms...I loved this book, and I hope one day (soon) you write a part 2! I wana know what happens next! (please please please!) ...And Please keep writing! Xx
close enough to speak chapter 27 . 7/15/2010
I wish I had reviewed this story as I read each chapter, but for most of them I was too excited to stop. The characters were great, Kellan was incredibly sexy, his relationship with Keira made complete sense (the attraction, and also the circumstances - legitimate enough start that I was really sympathetic, even though Denny came back it was really his own fault that he left for so long. How stupid can you be? His girlfriend alone in the house with a man like Kellan, come on) etc etc... however it had a weak beginning and a really, really cheesy stretch in the middle.

The beginning was not as big of a deal, the problem was that it was not particularly eye-grabbing, due to the length and type of description. It is typical and uninformative to describe someone based on their instrument, hair colour and the clothes they are wearing. It is also dull to go from one character to the next, then round it off with the venue. For one thing, there is not a chance that anyone will be able to remember which member of the band was like a teddy bear and which one was pissed off, especially since Keira couldn't even identify them by name; that part of the description was wasted and should have been saved for later.

The cheesy patch at the end was a bigger issue. Keira cried in almost every scene for several hundred pages. That is unacceptable. I was so pissed off at her for her whiny attitude that I could barely read it. Kellan wasn't much better, if one more tear had dripped down his nose I think I would have chucked my computer. He completely lost his balls. Most of all, the fight was appalling. Denny was out of character, Keira was an idiot, and Kellan was lame beyond belief. The way you handled his abusive childhood had been tasteful and not at all cliche up to that point (especially when he begged Keira not to leave him, saying that he would "do better"), it was brilliant but it lost all effect when Kellan was lying on the ground, letting Denny kick him and calling him Dad. It was bizarre, it was a cop-out, and it was also stupid how they both went from loving her to breaking up with her while she was still in the hospital (this is a criticism of the characters, not of the story). Keira also made a pretty weird decision when she dove for Denny's foot to block his kick. Couldn't she have just pushed him out of the way? It would have saved a hospital trip and would have come to the same end - they could have sorted it all out in the parking lot just as easily as several chapters later when she had a concussion.

Other than that brief crying stretch, it was a great story. Don't get me wrong, I stayed up all night to finish it, it was a blast. However, I do recommend that you do a complete reworking of the end. Those few chapters are stopping it from being excellent, and putting it into more of a smutty grocery-story romance genre.
shinnie chapter 26 . 7/15/2010
I absolutely loved this...(i cant even bring myself to call it a story) loved it, loved it, loved it! i was hooked for 3 whole days reading it every second i got. its day 6 and i still cant stop myself thinking about all the events that have taken place- gosh it feels so real! i love the passion and intensity between kellan and kiera...i want to know how their relationship, love and passion develops! i want to know whether denny ever comes back and how that may change the dynamics of all their relationships.. i want to know how school goes for kiera what challenges her career might bring her and her relationship and if the band ever make it big... ...i want to know so much! i want more!

this is the first book i have read in years...because this is the book i was searching for...! i've always wanted to read something that was so real, almost tangible, something that could make me feel the way i felt while reading this.. i cant get me head round it... i need more! and i cant bring myself to read anything else..i want to remain loyal to kellan...(lol) wow - he was amazing! blew my mind!

i probably sound crazy but im lost in 'thoughtless'..

...and i want more...


love, from london, england


...please write a part 2...

(btw, i loved the ending where k&k end up together as opposed to her dying...its got the 'feel good' factor)
delta-negative chapter 26 . 7/6/2010
Loved it! I couldn't stop reading!
SlugHunter chapter 26 . 6/24/2010

okay so i'm not so great at expressing myself and someof this might sound negative but its not really... :D

firstly: OMFG! you're such an amazing writer! you describe everything just right so it allows readers to become imersed inteh story. Everything is just easy to picture and just so emotive. Seriously your writing pulls some emotions :P

okay so i hate your characters (yes this is in a good way too!) Because i've become so emotionally invested i can't help but loathe Keira -_-" like seriously where's the feminism in your writing? she doesn't do anything! and then she cries about it and the one time she does do something she almost dies *rolls eyes* and it annoys me how everything ALWAYS works out for her- i mean after cheating both guys she pretty much gets the best of both worlds for like 10 chapters and then ends up with the one she really wants anyway. AND how shes really pathetic...i mean sure kellen is an "adonis" but SERIOUSLY A LITTLE CONTROL/SELF RESPECT WOULD BE NICE!... yes... maybe i'm a little jealous too *shifty look*, but seriously i hope this was intentional... because ARGH! But even though i hated the main character its a testament to your writing skills to keep me reading xD

but yeah Denny is such a good boyfriend T_T and kellen... gah just they're both too good for her! T_T Also since we're on characters here, all your characters maintain individuality/textual integrity and what not so i find that amazing and it jsut adds to the realism. lol i loved how u gave Denny and aussie accent XD there was one part in the chapter he rages and beats kellen into a bloody pulp where he says "wacked" i dunno... that seemed a little anticlimactic... :P

One thing about Kellen though... being emotional is a good thing... but towards the end i think maybe you over did it... but overall hes a fair awesome character :P

Personally i didn't like the ending... But that may have been because i wanted Keira to burn in a fiery pit of lava and be left in the gutter with no man, hear me NO MAN! :P

I love Denny, I think if he was in it more we'd find more sympathy for him. Even though with his somewhat limited appearence we can't help but like him because of your writing, but to make it more emotionally tearing i thought his character coulda had more appearences, but i think how you wrote it worked really well

Anyways so yeah awesome awesome writing! awesome awesome characters (even Keira because that is who she is i guess i may not like her but as a character shes well written)

genevieve chapter 1 . 6/24/2010
i know that it is early to be reviewing (i've only just read the first chapter) but i wanted to say that this story actually made me picture the setting in my mind, the pace was comfortable, and you take great care in showing us your main character through her actions...your attention to detail is great and i cant wait to read more. its been a while since i've read something that felt this real. congrats and keep writing.
Chelley2883 chapter 27 . 6/21/2010
Hey i loved this story! it was awesome, i just went and downloaded it from that website you gave...i can't wait to read your other stories! and i read the alternate ending to this one and i'm so glad you didn't end the story that might have ruined it for me...i actually cried while reading this one and not many on here i have made me emotional at are a fabulous writer and i can't wait to see your name in a book store one day, somehow i think it'll happen :) thanks soo much for writing this and then deciding to put it out here for people to was wonderful...
Twitdit chapter 26 . 6/21/2010
This... was such a heart-wrenching story. I haven't been able to stop reading since I first opened up the story 3 days ago. I LOVED it. It's definitely become one of my most favorite stories of all time. Thanks for writing :) I'm definitely going to go check out all your other stories now!
klberry514 chapter 26 . 6/19/2010
So this was your first story? Really? I'm so impressed with your ability, and a little jealous, but glad I found you. Not that I'm an expert, but I read a lot; everything from fan fiction to literary classics. As romance novels go, this was great in my mind because it was so satisfying. I was wondering all along how she was going to choose and how there was any way possible for there to be a happy ending (I think I would have hated it if there hadn't been a happy ending!). This one's a keeper. I'm going to look for the ebook and download because I know I'll read this again sometime. Thank you for sharing your "baby" and I look forward to reading other stories from you.
jmr79au chapter 27 . 6/19/2010
I found this story to absolutly beautiful, but it was a little slow at times. I am glad I stuck with it at the end.

5/5 :)
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