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Bbreak chapter 1 . 8/19/2009
This story is really something! I really enjoyed it, even though Bryan is a horrible sadist to his twin. My heart is breaking for Beau. My mind is in a real loop-hole now. I'm guessing so many possiblilites why Bryan hates Beau so much.

My main guess is, although Bryan already hates his brother, he also hates Beau for being in love with Andrean while Beau him for being a low-garbage beetch. Though, that's obvious.

Could it be he wants Beau to suffer like he does? I.E. Beau desires Andrean, while Bryan sadistically-desires Beau and can't have him so he takes Andrean away from his brother (and possibly others, if given the chance) so they're both in some kind of torment (even though we clearly see Beau suffering, is Bryan somehow suffering too)?

Then I think, -why- does Bryan hate Beau from the beginning to him wanting to cause his twin pain.

Is there also a "dominance-sibling-rivalry" issue going on as well? My mind is imploding now. LOL.

I wish I know your own intentions/perspective. Too bad it's a one-shot. I really, really want to know what's going on in Bryan's mind.

Keep up the great work! I wish I can favorite this, but I have no account. lol :'D
Gwengwel chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
I hate Bryan, make him suffer, make Andrean see him for what he is.

Pathetic little man, castrate him, yep, chop, chop, loll

I want a complete story.

Poor Beau, maybe he can record a video when Bryan talk about Andrean like this. But if he do this, Andrean make hate him after to destroy his little world...ho well, you're the author...

I really like your one-shot, it's was explicit but I can't say pow because the description make the story.

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