Reviews for Razi
xenolith chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
It really is unfair that stories with atrocious grammar and no worth to them at all get a ton of reviews, and this, nothing. I thought this story was amazing and now that I've read it through and let it sink in I've all but forgotten why...

Well, first, I loved the Morrissey reference. That was great, and it was really relevant. I think they way you expanded upon his character in particular, through her thoughts and then his, was very well done. He is interesting, and believe it or not I can actually relate to him. I thought the subject matter itself was absolutely fabulous, I mean common enough at first glance but then you read on and it takes on a whole new level, and I liked where you came into the story. Then, there's your writing style. I loved it. I mean:

'With compassion born of appreciation and respect he told her-'

'Determined to keep a calm and hypothetical tone, she began speaking.'

The quality in this story is just amazing, it was wonderful to read. If I could offer one tiny bit of criticism it would be to space things out a bit more. It's just a little hard to read, and if you broke up the paragraphs with both of them speaking I think it would make it easier, and more enjoyable for the reader.

Now lastly, the end. It was perfect, there's nothing else I could say about it. All in all well done, I'm making this a favourite for sure ;)