Reviews for Who Are You on the Other Side of the Mirrow?
Tawny Owl chapter 1 . 3/27/2010
First an apology because I feel out of my depth reviewing poetry. This was kind of scary because if I’ve got it right I’m sure I’ve been there before. Sort of seeing yourself but not recognising yourself because you’re so angry or upset you’re almost having an out of body moment.

I like the shifting, changing almost lies you get when you play about with mirrors and the idea of reflections. I think you’ve captured that really well because logic would dictate that the narrator is looking at herself, but it seems that she doesn’t believe what she’s seeing. And that’s it’s easier to question yourself by splitting yourself up almost.

I’m not sure about the structure. Although there were some lovely moments (I do like the future warning me) it didn’t seem to have a rhythm. The questions in italics broke it up, but I did like those. Maybe make fewer of them because you do repeat a couple, or make the bits between them flow more. I dunno.