Reviews for Sweet Oblivion
CuriousContradiction chapter 1 . 9/5/2009
Goodness, Paris. This poem right here basically spoke my mind. And yes, guys definitely mess around with our heads. It sucks. A lot. But I have to admit that girls like to do that too, haha.

Just one thing: I think you meant "psychic," not "physic."

Bitterness has the power

to drown a person, sorrow and love its only rivals.

It just figures that I'm the target of all three.

I don't want you to run away. I don't want to

be in love with you. I just want things back to the

way they were before, because I miss you. So much.

Perhaps not as much as I miss oblivion.

My not knowing. Not knowing where my heart lay.

My sweet, sweet oblivion.

Those lines right there are gold. They really are. :) I can't tell you how much those words hit me. They're just so true and real. I'm sorry if you're going through such a tough situation. Seeing as I'm going through a version of it now (where I think it's easier to dream and hope and wish instead of facing a risky and uncertain reality), I should probably tell you thank you for writing a poem that I could relate to. So thank you.