Reviews for One Day in a Tree
Eternal Skies chapter 1 . 9/24/2009
wow, i liked this, how you've written it. it was choppy but not choppy at the same time, like you started talking about something the next line but still it flowed. i loved the warmth this gave me and content, i felt peace with myself(i sound like a yoga instruction manual or somthing :P )

fav lines:

"The leaves have such a unique dance

Trying to make their way through this world like us

Don’t shy away from the cool night sky

It just gives more light to your smile"

(ooh, if you're like: who's this freakin person?, it's hito-chan, i just changed my penname! yay, finally, my obsession with the sky is pretty obvious now)

you didn't write something in half a month, school right?