Reviews for Void
LilyWolfe chapter 1 . 3/29/2010
I completely relate to this. It sounds and feels like introspection on one of those days when you're sitting alone and contemplating what your life is and means at that moment in time. And all those questions, you don't find satisfactory answers, you only get more questions. i love that this poem shows that and also that Moments like that happen to other people. I guess its a quest for seeking the ultimate happiness, yet not knowing what that is yet. Brilliant, and thought provoking. I like the imagery, porcelain girl. pale skinned, fragile, beautiful and doll-like. and i like the comparison made with the smiles, first the vacant one and secondly the one she hold in high regard, the moon's. There's a lot more i could write about each line but this is turning into an essay...

Only one typo that I could see; "not for the apparent peace, But because it brings(s) truth with her."