Reviews for Earth
galileogalilei chapter 1 . 4/6/2013
God's once wonderful creation - I'm an atheist, but for sake of not diving into ANOTHER debate, I'll hold my tongue when it comes to religion and address the core of the essay.

The planet is filled with hate, greed, famine, war. It is also filled with love, selflessness, charity, and family. It's just that nobody shouts the latter ones to the winds for all to hear.

Animals, save for exceptions like chimps, dolphins, and select few canines, HAVE no feelings. They are not smart enough to be sentient, therefor they have no emotion. They do not feel pain; they react to a physical stimulus.

Yes, there are horrible parts of humanity. But you seem to have missed all the wonderful people. I implore you. Next time you go outside, look a bit more closely. The soup kitchen. The fundraiser. The man holding a door ope. The people of Earth DO have feelings for one another, we'd be extinct if we didn't. We can get along, we can work together, and we ARE fixing our problems, one by one. Slowly but surely. Just as we have been for the past ten thousand years.