forsakensoldier chapter 1 . 7/31/2010
Im sorry to say but if shes military shes banging others. i speek from first hand knowlege from being in the army and haveing a army wife. so here for you is a true sad story with just the facts. she was in the army first and i always heard storys from her about all the girls cheating and sleeping with anyone and everyone, but not her she would not do that. ya right! i found out in time she was cheating just as much or more than all the other girls. while on deployment to iraq i found out about one guy for 100% shure and had proof but was told by guys in her unit i was friends with about 25 more is at cob speicher in iraq now and screwing anything that moves sorry to any spouses out there whos man gets in her sights. so i joined the military to find out if it was just becase of war or what exactly happened and i was mad as hell at her. i soon found out wemen in the military are really no more than someone for the male soldiers to sleep with when away from home,and they love all the no strings sex. i am not saying all female military members are this way but 95% at least and wow are they wild, so in closeing dont mary a military girl but if you want to get layed no strings deffinestly join old devil dog told me if you want to get layed join the military if you want to get screwed marry someone in the military. i have found that is so very true.