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Bobbitt The Hobbit chapter 17 . 9/20/2015
Called it.
Bobbitt The Hobbit chapter 9 . 9/19/2015
Calling it now, Martin's in on it.
acchikocchi chapter 30 . 8/26/2013
Okay, I haven't read the alternate epilogue yet and I don't know if I will because this is a perfectly hopeful happy ending and I like it too much to jeopardize it.
All in all this story was just awesome!
You did a great job keeping up the suspense, it was always part of the story but sometimes faded more into the background to make room for character development and romance, so all elements were nicely balanced.
I almost didn't read Esther Art because the summary makes the premise sound far scarier than it turned out to be. I mean, I was still pretty tense and really absorbed into worrying what would happen to Ess but it wasn't that non-enjoyable oh-my-god-she's-going-to-get-raped-and-killed-and- taxidermized kind of panic that made me stop reading Stephen King. You don't really let on to the sweetness and adventure this story has to offer, the summary just made it sound sort of... bleak, I guess. As if with a girl caught between two dangerously crazy guys there wasn't much hope for a happy ending. (And I'm just a sucker for those.)
But I'm glad I took the chance because as I said it was an great read that doesn't seem to get the attention and feedback it deserves. Esther Art is one of those stories that a reader can actually have something to say about because it's not shallow or superficial.
The only thing I'd have to criticise about the plot is how Roden's recurring observations made Martins betrayal a bit too obvious. The primary confusion about how Ess got kidnapped was much more enjoyable than the constant hints at Martins strange behaviour.
Roden should probably get back to the basics of his profession anyway and remember why psychiatrists are not supposed to have unprofessional relationships with their patients... but Manda is probably going to remind him of that, once she's slept off the adrenaline and remembers what started the whole mess. She's too obnoxious to pass up a chance to berate someone on anything and I just have to hate and love her for it.
Although at the beginning Max was a pretty dubious character his almost desperate will to please Ess was really endearing. (All the more because he was not extraordinarily handsome with striking features and a weird hair- and eye-colour combo!) It also quickily became apparent that his obsession was not of the threatening kind because the thing he valued an revered most in his object of fixation were actual character traits of hers. An obsession becomes dangerous when there is a clash between what the obsessive person idolises in their object and the reality of what the object actually is. That can't happen between Max and Ess because he still sees her as a person and she is genuinely kind, although what makes her really likable is that she actually puts her foot down when things get too much. She's proven to be a fighter. And as Max' feelings are too much founded on gratitude there's no chance of him ever taking any undue liberties with her. You made it seem like they could really work out longterm.
... Although that would at some point raise the problem of choosing a last name because Max' retarded infatuation left him unable to even consider the possibility that some day the woman of his dreams might reject a proposal simply because she wouldn't want to be named Esther Esther. (Obviously. I mean, really, who would?) But then again, he probably wouldn't object to taking on her name...

Yep, yep, definitely an awesome read because I'm still thinking about the characters a day after I finished reading. Even though I have the short term memory of a gold fish.

I'm going to check out your other stories now, so have a nice day!
weesnaw chapter 31 . 1/27/2013
Wow I read this whole story in a day and this is just amazing! At the beginning I was so worried for Esther because I thought that Max would turn out to be the really creepy obsessed artist everyone had made him out to be. I was really proud of Esther when she planned her escape. This was really well written and I enjoyed reading it a lot. :)
Anonymous chapter 31 . 5/11/2011
Very enjoyable :)

I prefer the orginal ending. The story's complete, and it's a nice way of rounding it off.
Ben Tramsami chapter 31 . 2/9/2011

This wasn't necessary. I liked the story much better without the extension. So I'm going to ignore it.
Ben Tramsami chapter 30 . 2/9/2011
Epic. Just... Epic. I blame you and your amazing story of amazingness for keeping me up tonight and preventing me from finishing my homework. (Not really, I'm just a procrastinator.)

At the beginning, when Ess was first kidnapped, I was really afraid Max would really be a deranged psycopath with ill intent towards Ess. But he wasn't and that made me happy. :D

Then it was all suspenseful for so long. It was like before you would tell me what happened, something else suspenseful would come to take its place. My gosh! This was so fun to read!

Then there was that twist! Max's FATHER! Did NOT see that coming!

And the climax! Woo! That was cutting it close. Having Ess have to get off the plane before it took off. Wow.

And of course the very end. Max asks Ess out on a date. Aww! :3

I just loved all of your characters! They were all so unique from each other and all perfect for their roles. And they all had distinct flaws and strengths that meshes together to make an interesting story to read!

Wonderful story, my dear author! I hope you continue to use this talent you have for writing.
The Imagination Addict chapter 31 . 1/7/2011
Very well written! I don’t suppose you remember me, but I read your story Guilt some time ago. The emotion in this story could be improved on. Somehow, although I LOVE your style of writing and your skill with the language, you don’t convey the seriousness of the situation through your writing in this story. There seems to be light humour scattered throughout. I suppose they do make for very good tension relievers. :) You know what would really help? Interviewing people who have such obsessions. Also, those who have experienced kidnappings. The whole situation seems very absurd, the part where Max ‘kidnaps’ Ess. And while it may prove impossible to find someone who has undergone any kidnapping similar to this imagined one, interviewing actual kidnap victims may still help.

You really should get your work published. :)

Oh! Another thing. While I love how descriptive you are, I think you should include more conversation. One thing my Mum always told me was “show, don’t tell”. By writing out their verbal interaction, you can convey the characters’ personalities more subtly, through not only the way they speak, but the accompanying gestures/blushes etc as well.

P.S. for your last chapter, the extended ending one, I think ‘masculinity’ sounds nicer than ‘manhood’. But that’s just me. alternatively, you could use both since they’re synonyms. It would be less repetitive since you reiterated his need to show it so many times in the chapter.

And OH GOSH. Haha. You should keep the last ending if you want a cliffie. I personally prefer the happy ending! I.E. just have her congratulate him after his dive! Of course, the cliffie is needed if you intend to write a sequel. And please, only a three-month interval? Ess so needs a break from Angoli…
anonymous chapter 31 . 10/22/2010
i LOVED the story but if i were you i would not do an alternate ending you should start with a new story it is not hard get tired of a story if it is to long but urs if perfect right now
rubberduckysabc chapter 30 . 7/2/2010
This story had everything! I loved it! And maybe ess and max wil get married! And have kids! :D
Sara Ivy Wolf chapter 31 . 5/12/2010
i' keep both endings and write a sequel since chapter 31 is a cliff-hanger
AbbieLou chapter 30 . 1/28/2010
This was an awesome story and I seriosuly couldn't stop reading it. Good job! The characters were well developed and the plot was very original.
mrinalini chapter 20 . 1/20/2010
hi, my name is esther & i love art.. so it must be fate that i should discover ur story today(my b'day).. i really liked ur story & esther's character, obviously ;).. realistic, at the same time interesting. thank u for a great read. keep up the good work.. and wish u a blessed married life.:)
25ariel25 chapter 31 . 1/12/2010
i liked your story. I liked the original ending best.
Equestrian Star chapter 31 . 12/29/2009
man this story was good! i haven't read anything exciting in a while. this was refreshing. i do luv both endings tho. if u r going to use the second ending i say there should be a sequel! i look forward to reading other work by u. the story was very well written.
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