Reviews for Truth or Die
Per Noctem chapter 1 . 9/14/2009
Well, I must say, this was a good read. It is an interesting concept. Yet as you want a critique, I will try my best to point out the errors I have found in it, and tell you what I have decided to be...not so good. I will admit, the whole concept is quite interesting, and it was well-written. But...

I believe, first of all, this should be in third or first person, not second. Second person can be annoying, and difficult to write in. However this is just my personal opinion, as I'm not fond of second person. It worked medially well with this story. As for grammatical errors... On the third paragraph, three lines down, you abruptly switched tenses. Again it shifted near the end of the story. All in all, however, this was a very good story- I would like to see more stories written like this. Continue this work, as it is good. That is, keep writing.

I am going to take a loot at any other works you may have up here now. Good job on this one. [Morana Nyx]