Reviews for The Guide To effective Review Communications
Distilledfx chapter 1 . 3/1/2010

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the review game but I think they could benefit from this. I'm used to cutting to the chase with reviews because I get involved in the review game a bit.

I couldn't agree more with the attention thing, there are people on there with three chapter stories and over a hundred reviews- most from people telling them to "fix their spelling here and there" because they have asked for concrit. There is nothing worse than responding to someone who has asked for concrit only to go back later and find that they haven't fixed even the most basic errors.

Anyway, I hope people can take this to heart, I was going to post a big rant/essay on how people are missing the point of the review system but now I think I'm better off leaving it.

MrFlames chapter 1 . 9/22/2009
Just a thought, but comparing critics to children throwing a tantrum is not going to convince them not to do so or decrease the rate at which such reviews occur.
xrawritskalix chapter 1 . 9/18/2009
Hi Rachel,

You did a really good job with a story once again. I don't think that I will ever truly find something bad enough about anything you write to give you advice. You were so detailed with everything that you said. It really helps people, or at least me, understand the difference between a good and bad review. The thing that I hate the most like you said is when somebody only says to update soon. There's one person that I've seen that reviews the same thing every time. great chapter & more please. No more than that. Sometimes they don't even ask for an update. Now I don't even consider that a review. Okay, sorry that I'm going off topic. I'm doing exactly what you say some people do. But at least that means that you're right. There are definitely a lot of people out there that aren't as good reviewers as others. If you want to go somewhere that you're guaranteed reviews of good quality, go to the review game forum link in my profile. Any review that you get from there has to follow specific guidelines. Anyway, you did a great job outlining a basic but really good review. Keep up the good work!