Reviews for Writing Journal
Ryane Silvernow chapter 2 . 9/20/2009
Yes, another fantabulous review! I just want to say that this entry was pretty good, and God forbid that you just know this stuff. I hope you use notes or something, because just retaining that info kind of scares me. I was excited to hear the idea for this Writing Journal, and luckily it's exceeding what I thought it'd be.

To answer your question: I've had my fair share of regrets..a crap-load at that. And I used to think that if I got the chance to fix them, I'd jump that chance in a snap. But now I think that I wouldn't change it. Because mistakes kind of make up who you are, even though it will never be perfect. We all do something to regret, but regrets make your personal makeup.

Ryane Silvernow chapter 1 . 9/20/2009
Here's the fantabulous-first-promised-review from me. Feel special...

Anyways, I liked this. It was kind of short to the point, but a good point and path, at that. Your writing kind of amazes me, because I've met 18 year olds who can't structure sentences like that. Brava! And, I just could help but smile at the whole 'I stole this from Don Silvernow'. It's kind of odd that I feel..honoured for that, I guess. To answer your question, I'm not really affected by tunnel vision. I don't have just one path I want to take, and I like it that yeah. I'm off to entry 2!