Reviews for Vengeance corrupts
EBSmith chapter 1 . 9/29/2009
I love it, the rythm is really nice, it changes slightly but keeps the momentum. I also love the way you decribe the later ego as a beast, 'smack of its lips,' you make it sound hungry as though she is its feast and it wants to devour her.

'Using her bitter words as her sword', such a lovely image, the everyday girl turned into a vengful warrior by those who are too foolish to spare her feelings. I found myself really cheering for her, perhaps because she is the reader, someone myself and so many others can relate to.

To describe the feeling of vengeance as 'exotic' and 'sensual' is great because I think we have all beguiled ourselves with our own dark thoughts, and indulged in our own hatred, wondering what it would be like to take vengeace, to do what isn't 'the right thing'.

You creat this world in the eyes of a normal person, there are no specifics on exactly why she wants vengeance, so it's easy to relate to. This makes it accessable and gripping.