Reviews for Ghost of the Past
SOULdier3 chapter 1 . 9/24/2009
Well done. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think my favorite part was referring to the cuts and bruises as a garden. The imagery there was superb and very real in a horrifying sort of way. The entire piece was hauntingly beautiful and a good mix of delicate description with rough content. The twisted-ness of the piece was enticing and revolting all at once, which in this case, is a great accomplishment on your part.

I suppose the only criticism I have is that at times I felt as though you repeated yourself a bit which made the flow slightly awkward. For instance, there is one paragraph where James says "I hate this, I hate that, etc." Which is good, and then you break into another paragraph where there are more "I hates" I don't know why that stuck out as awkward to me, but it stunted the beautiful flow a little bit.

Overall, lovely piece.


Fishy-Crumbs chapter 1 . 9/22/2009
... That was one of the most well writen pieces I've ever read. You made it feel like I was right there. I was that person.

Well done.