Reviews for Shattered Illusions
RadicalRadicals777 chapter 42 . 4/21
Heck yeah! Hide vs. Copernicus in the Punishment Games! Let the games begin!
King Corn chapter 42 . 4/21
I wonder what this game is going to do to the both of them. Man, this is going to be intense.
HFGLF 2 chapter 42 . 4/21
A torture game? That should be interesting.
Kurogane Black Ninja chapter 42 . 4/21
I am intrigued with the aspect of the war game. In fact, I am more enamored with that than I am with Tsubomi and Copernicus' revelations at the beginning of the chapter. I want to know what kind of game they are playing. I await your next chapter.
TerminalTragedy chapter 42 . 4/21
Congratulations on your 700 reviews!

I'm so happy that Copernicus finally is able to trust and help Tsubomi! I hope that they can pull through this horrible game Hide wants to play.
Inu-Inu's Midget Friend chapter 42 . 4/21
I didn't expect Hide to invite Copernicus to play a game. I'm also glad that Tsubomi and Copernicus have a relationship that's suffering turmoil right now. Nice take on realism for them.
MotherHonker chapter 42 . 4/21
I wonder what Copernicus' first move will be?
Lime-sama chapter 42 . 4/21
Hide is just evil for making him play that awful game.
Dark Kurogane chapter 42 . 4/21
Tsubomi was developed more as a character and now Copernicus is going to play some weird war game. I wonder how it's going to affect things and if the already injured vampire will spill even more blood on the fake battlefield.
MAMI07 chapter 42 . 4/21
I wanna see the war game now!
Black Bride Anna chapter 42 . 4/21
It's nice to see Tsubomi acting more like herself and less like a boy. It's refreshing for the change of pace. I'm glad Copernicus accepted her but their relationship has some kind of turmoil unlike him just doing the cliche' thing and being like I accept you no matter what -smooch-. I think it's great you take the realistic approach. Wonder what's going to happen during this game.
Axis Tripper chapter 42 . 4/21
This story just descended into a while different level of darkness with this military punishment game. I wonder what your next chapter will hold.
musty chapter 42 . 4/21
i lkied it
musty chapter 41 . 4/21
gud job!
Yaoi LL Girl chapter 42 . 4/21
Copernicus and Hide are going to play a horrible game of torture. The next chapter should be good.
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