Reviews for Take A Look Around
A Sun's Reflection chapter 1 . 10/17/2009
i find it funny how we only have five billion years to get a bag of chips, so yeah i can relate to your poem (;
lever du soleil chapter 1 . 9/25/2009
Exactly! I can't believe how people always talk about the end of the world when really it's just the end of US. Humans. We can be so self-centered sometimes. The planet will be perfectly fine without us.

"The night will sigh

But no one will cry."

I find that calming, peaceful...
East-0f-Eden chapter 1 . 9/24/2009
:) "there will come soft rains and the smell of the ground. and larks singing their melodious sound and not one will care for war when it's done."Sara Teasdale (a very very bad paraphrase) But, excellent and true.