Reviews for Civil War Naming Game
AlysonSerenaStone chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
let's see nine CSA gerenals: Lee, Jackson, Longstreet, Pickett, Hill, Alexander, Stewart, Early, and Hood.
Leon Trotsky chapter 1 . 1/21/2010
Just so you know, you wrote the word "prefect" instead of "perfect" twice. And at one point you wrote "bet" instead of "beat" (It's near the end). It should be easy to fix. Try reading over your stories a couple of times or getting a beta so you can root out those annoying little mistakes spellcheck doesn't catch. Also, you appear to have written McClennan instead of McClellan. Whoops!

Anywhoo, I LOVE stories about history geeks. I know, I know. I speak of it as if it's some big genre and it's not. I wish it was. History geeks are so much fun and MAN do I relate to them, being one myself. Your fic was really sweet. I was quite charmed by it. If you're interested in good history geek stories check out "Stop Defending Guillotines," an adorable story about this boy and his French Revolution obsessed best friend. It's really great stuff.

You like the Civil War a lot? I think it's pretty cool, although I prefer the Napoleonic Wars (The Battle of Austerlitz is freaking EPIC!) and the American Revolution. And Lewis Armistead, eh? I admit I don't know squat about the guy. My favorite dead guys (as I lovingly refer to historical figures) are Voltaire (Candide is amazing. And he's ALWAYS smirking in his portraits when literally no one else in history even has the slightest hint of a smile in paintings-Mona Lisa excluded. How can you NOT love the guy for that?), Alexander Hamilton (TAKE THAT, Jefferson! Plus what's a more badass way to dye than in a duel. Well maybe the next guy on my list's death...), Trotsky (And you know what? I SO don't agree with his ideals. Not a communist in the least, but man do I admire Trotsky. He was the kind of guy who never gave up. Never stopped being a thorn in Stalin's side until Stalin had him murdered with an icepick. Oh and he had that liaison with Frida Kahlo!) and finally Benedict Arnold (A pretty obvious one, considering my name. But really, traitor he may be, this guy is AMAZING. He put up such a good fight in battles where the odds were clearly very much stacked against him and is 100% the hero of the Battle of Saratoga. It's certainly not "Granny Gates," at any rate. I love the guy. He's such a fascinating and misunderstood figure and is far too often unfairly vilified.).

Now more about your story. I don't think it was necessary to give the narrator a name, as it was only mentioned once and was, for me, a bit distracting. Also, I think the story ended a bit abruptly. It could have had a better resolution.

Oh and Rosecrans! Rosecrans! Neither of them mentioned Rosecrans, that chap who got his butt kicked in the Battle of Chickamauga! I'm pleased to say I knew most of the generals-I -so- could have named more than nine, although the Union guys do make it easy on me by having about fifty thousand different commanders. Confederate generals, not so much, I'm loathe to admit. I fail miserably with them. In fact I almost labelled Thomas Jackson as a Union general on my Civil War test (I take military history at school! It's such an amazing class! We even do this thing called BattleSims, in which we sort of replay battles on gameboards. It's really fun.)! Ack! In my defense I was thinking of some other guy, although I can't remember his name.
eaststar chapter 1 . 10/7/2009