Reviews for Bring on the Rain
Zaehlas chapter 15 . 11/6/2009
Wow, this story is incredible so far. I am working on catching up. I apologize, because normally I'm bad at reviewing, so I'll try to do it a little more.

Great job on the writing. I can really feel for Camryn, and sympathize with what he's gone through, and what he's still going through. It always feels like someone can only go through so much terror and pain, and it's sombody like Nate that can bring them back from the brink.

I know there are people out there that have that capacity for love. I just wish they were more common.
Antonis chapter 22 . 11/5/2009
I absloutly love your story so far.

You really are a good writer and I just adore your characters and how they interact with each other.

Once again you are a great writer and Please please keep writing.
nattyisgangster chapter 8 . 10/16/2009
amg. :3 i'm hooked on this story. it's like verbal crack.
CrazyFictionChallenges chapter 8 . 10/15/2009
Nice story you have got here.

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