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notyourbiz chapter 11 . 12/22/2009
Do you know how many times I passed over this story? A lot and I don't even know why. I like everything in the summarry... So I'm glad that I finally read this because, damn does it rock! I love Regan! And Now she has 2 people similar to her! Tyler and Julia! Hehe Tyler's and Gio's relationship almost reminds me of Elizabeth's and Calem's relationship, only less sexual. So, Ican't wait to find out what the real reason is for Calem disliking Lucas, Update soon!
cassandove chapter 11 . 12/22/2009
Inner turmoil! Inner turmoil! *flails* ...Very nice add-on of the inner turmoil. xD



There needs to be a space between "incredibly" and "horrible".

But anyway.

Job well done, and please update soon!
cassandove chapter 10 . 12/22/2009
I am now extremely curious as to exactly what the deal is with Tyler and Gideon... GUH.
Brenda Agaro chapter 11 . 12/22/2009
Another great chapter. I like the interaction and humor (as usual :P ). I definitely want to know how Regan will deal with her brother. The suspense got me hooked. Just got to know the story behind him.

I have a question: have you read anything by John Green? I'm asking because the style, perspective, and characterization sort of remind me of his books. They're recommendable if you haven't read them, especially Looking For Alaska.

And Blaine/Regan all the way! 8D

Happy Holidays!
Brenda Agaro chapter 10 . 12/22/2009
I'm loving this story more and more. You're so good at first person point of view and interaction. It really shows the characterization in this story and the humor is cleverly executed.
cassandove chapter 8 . 12/22/2009
I like the tiny antisocial girl. Hurr. :B

The plot is thickening! Har!
Brenda Agaro chapter 9 . 12/22/2009
A very good job in the audition scene. I like the humor you added to it instead of rushing it/having it drag on. And there's always a girl who's reading from my experience - and most of the time it's me! But I can't sing, though. XD



{I was probably even going to be completely overshadowed by the gaggle of strangers that had wondered in.} wandered.

{I closing my eyes, took a deep breath, and pretended that I was twelve, singing in the community children’s choir again.} A comma after "I" (the first one.)
cassandove chapter 6 . 12/22/2009
I'm not sure I like this Lucas kid... But the twins are growing! EEP! 8D
Brenda Agaro chapter 8 . 12/22/2009
I actually like that you're fleshing out before jumping into the auditions. It really gives the characters, especially Regan, some breathing room.



{Elizabeth, help you brother!”} your.
Brenda Agaro chapter 7 . 12/22/2009
This was a fun fillerish chapter. I like the interaction with the twins and how you convey the part about Regan's brother.
MantraMagazine chapter 11 . 12/22/2009
I'm so happy! I woke up this morning thinking "maybe there'll be another midnight update for Regan Saved the Drama Club, I'd like that." And here we are! I didn't think you overplayed the angst too much, in fact I thought it meshed well with the rest of your story. And you left quite the cliff hanger! I'm just glad you update often, I'm dying to know what band her brother's in and what's going on with them. Basically, I'm already looking forward to the next chapter. : D Thanks for updating!
MeAsIAm chapter 11 . 12/22/2009
Okay, As I promised, my review: The writing style seems fairly good and editing too is okay. The pace is too is good. But I feel that you can explore the characters a bit more. Maybe add a little depth? But till now, I really liked the story!
TymCon chapter 11 . 12/22/2009
“You promised you wouldn’t talk to me if I sat beside you.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t resist.”

“Okay, before you get any creepier…” Miss Hughes interrupted, “… ”

“You’d better hurry,” she warned me, “because the fact that you’re leaving in some kind of bitter rage makes me think that Blaine is going to come running after you.”

Best lines of play, and we get to meet brother. I um didnt go to sleep last night my review kinda bad. Sorry
JokiLoki chapter 1 . 12/21/2009
Interesting start, definitely well written even if this isn't my genre of choice! I was impressed by how realistic this was: I was imagining it all happening in my high school! haha, with different people and teachers, of course
cassandove chapter 5 . 12/21/2009
I wonder what killed the twins' moods? D:


We're getting down to the root of Regan! It's about time!

And Tyler seems to be very lonely.
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